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Jenny/ April 13, 2019/ Family Life

I don’t know about you but I really don’t like using toxic chemicals in my laundry!  Our skin is our biggest organ and laundry soap is a huge irritant to many. However I can’t afford the natural laundry soaps with a family our size and the ones I made before didn’t do a great job. So when I tried this recipe I was somewhat sceptical but have been absolutely impressed with the results!!


Here’s the ingredients:

  • Natural bar soap, Dr. Woods is what I used

  • Washing soda

  • Baking soda

  • Oxi-clean

  • Essential oils



  • Grate bar soap using a hand grater or cut into chunks and use a food processor

  • In a large airtight container mix grated soap, 1 cup washing soda, 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup oxi-clean (optional, add 30 drops essential oil).

  • Place lid on and shake well.

  • Use 2-3 tablespoons per load.


This has been doing an excellent job on the dirtiest of our laundry. If you need extra cleaning though, you can add a little extra oxi-clean with each wash.  I also add the essential oils in the wash, not in the powder. 


Let me know if you try this and how you like it!  I figure it does approximately 30-40 loads with this recipe so you can easily double or triple the amounts to do more!



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