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Here we are already at the beginning of a brand new year!  For some people this is a time of starting over; making resolutions and regretting the old year.  I’m somewhere in the middle of all these.  I don’t regret my past year but I would like this one to be more intentional.  I don’t really make resolutions but at the same time I want to incorporate several things into my daily life and I also do feel like a new year is a fresh start.


The things I would like to be more intentional about this year are:


1.  Bible reading & study.  I actually started this at the 1st of December and it made a huge difference but I want to continue it.  I want to also make sure I do daily (hopefully) Bible studies with the kids and it would be super if Dennis and I could get in one at least once a week together.


2.  Exercise.  I am already exercising regularly but I am almost 38 weeks pregnant so I know this will take a pause for awhile when baby is born.  My goal is to pick back up as soon as its practical and healthy.  I also want to do more cardio instead of just pilates/yoga type workouts.  I really don’t like cardio but I know its really good for me…sigh…


3.  Low carb eating.  While I’m not going to go completely crazy with this one, right now its especially important that I stick to a low carb diet to keep my blood sugar in check during these last few weeks of pregnancy.  After the baby is born I’m going to allow myself some more healthy carbs that I dearly love (like potatoes) but for now those are really limited.


4.  Kind attitudes towards my family.  I need to smile more, encourage more and discipline with love more this year!  


5.  Be better organized on my finances and my household.  This includes purging my house of many unnecessary items that are just cluttering it up!


6.  Work on my blog and side incomes as time allows but not get stressed about it!  This is a huge one for me.  I always feel like if I start something then I need to go at it full throttle which usually leaves me exhausted and burned out…I need to be more moderate.


So there are the things I’m planning on incorporating into my daily life this year.  How about you?  




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