5 Ways to Teach Your Children the Bible

Jenny/ January 9, 2019/ Family Life

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As Christians our very first focus with our children should be to teach our children the Bible.  Not just “Bible knowledge” but Bible wisdom, Bible history and how it really does apply to our lives now.  This isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do; there are so many distractions!  However, I firmly believe that if we neglect this point it won’t matter what else we teach them, it will all be wasted.  I also know we don’t have hours upon hours each day to just read the Bible to them, so what are we to do?  Here are some practical  suggestions to make this a part of your daily life.


1.  Children’s Devotion.

There are many good ones out there but some of the one’s I really like are from Pearables and Not Consumed.  Make sure and actually do these with your kids, don’t just depend on them to do them by themselves (unless they are older and more mature).


2.  Audio-books.

There is a HUGE amount of amazing audio-books or audio-adventures that teach or reinforce our Christian faith.  Some of the ones I highly recommend are the G.A. Henty from Heirloom Audio, Jim Hodges, Jonathan Park, Brinkman Adventures and The Adventum by Wise King Media.  


3.  Teachable moments.  

You don’t have to make a huge deal out of this but in your day there will arise many teachable moments.  Don’t let them pass by (but you don’t have to make a huge deal out of them either) without inserting Biblical truth into them!  It might be something as simple as why we wear clothing (original sin and God instituting wearing clothing).


4.  Biblically sound movies and songs.

Let your children watch movies and listen to music that reinforces their faith, not tears it down!  These could be simple like Veggie Tales or more in-depth like “Drive Thru History” or “Learn Our History”.  (Our kids love all of these!).  We also love the music from Buddy Davis and Scripture Song cds.  Don’t forget creation affirming movies from places like Answers in Genesis and Creation Illustrated!


5.  Magazines.

These are not overly plentiful but the ones I highly recommend are Creation Illustrated and Answers Magazine.  These promote a Biblical view of Creation and morality.  They both have beautiful, full-color pages that appeal to younger and older readers.  Creation Illustrated also has unit studies to go along with many topics.


So, there are my 5 ways to teach your kids the Bible!  What ways do you use with your kids?


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