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Jenny/ May 16, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews


If you know me at all, then you know I am an avid (addicted, ahem) reader.  I absolutely love it, its one of my very favorite things to do!  So, when I was chosen as a blogger reviewer for Tyndale House Publishing I was thrilled.  My husband and kids were slightly frightened that I might no longer feed them and wash their clothes, but you know, we all have to make sacrifices, lol.  My first book up for review was a historical romance set in the 1700’s along the Natchez Trace called “The Road to Magnolia Glen”.


First off, I love historical fiction and this truly was an excellent read.  It follows a young woman and her two sisters from Ireland who come to America for what she thinks is an arranged marriage.  The truth however, is much more sordid!  We also meet a group of brothers also from Ireland who though they appear to be rough and tumble definitely meet the criteria for gentlemen and willingly (most of the time) rescue damsels in distress.


We get to see the reality of life at this time in American history.  Its hard for us to fathom that people actually sold themselves into servitude to pay for their passage to America but that really happened over and over.  I really can’t imagine doing that!  But they counted the cost and decided it was the only way they could make a new life for themselves.  Of course some were also forced into this course as you will see in the book.  I won’t spoil it though!


I have to admit I read the book in less than a day (however, no one went hungry!) because I simply couldn’t put it down.  It had quite a few twists and turns that left me wondering exactly how it would end.  I did love the ending!


A few notes…It is a Christian fiction work.  There is no foul language or objectionable romantic scenes.  They do have a faith in Christ, though it wasn’t at the forefront of the book.  In fact, I was somewhat left wondering if the hero was a believer.  Even though it doesn’t say anything to the contrary it never really addresses that aspect.  This was my first time reading any of the author’s work and I will definitely be looking Pam Hillman up again!  She writes excellently and the book flows smoothly.  She kept my interest from beginning to end!


I also noticed that there is another book in the series and I’m going to have to read that one!  If you like historical fiction, I highly encourage you to check this author and book out!  


Disclaimer:  I received this book free for my fair and honest review from Tyndale House Publishers. I was not required to post a positive review and was not compensated in any way!



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