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When you have one doing “schoolwork” and another a few years younger its super helpful to have learning opportunities they can complete at the same time!  So, I was very happy to get to review PandaParents and their MESSYLEARNING FOR PRESCHOOLERS AND KINDERGARTNERS.  This is an online subscription that utilizes downloadable storybooks, videos and a workbook.  


I actually used this with both the boys (7 & 4) because they both enjoyed it so much!  First off we downloaded the video, book and workbook.  Then I let them watch the video which teaches different letters, sounds, problem solving just to name a few things.  You have the choice of printing the storybook or just reading it on your computer.  We chose to just read it on the computer because it was such high quality color!  We did print the workbooks which though they had some color were much more printer friendly.  The workbooks had a good mixture of letter work, math, art and more.


The first one we watched/used was a “Jolly Jingling Journey”.  I think my boys watched this one about 5 times!  They loved it, especially because it was about Christmas and they really love books/movies/activities that deal with Christmas!  We learned lots of J words even some pretty big ones for little guys, which is great because it stretches their vocabulary!

 Then we used one called “Scotty Skunk Hears a Scary Sound”.  Gabe (4) really, really liked this one!  Again, you’ll be learning the letter S but lots of other things along with it.  It really is a package learning process, not chopped up like so much modern “education”  Your kids will even have to problem solve and critically think to get Scotty across the river.  Should he use a boat, a train, a tractor?  


The last one we reviewed was a unit called “Mommy’s Baby” which follows a mommy panda and her baby.  Your little one will learn lots of words with this one because it shows pictures on each page and then the names of the objects.  These are common objects your child will be familiar with already so its great to put words to them that they can see!  Let’s expand their vocabulary and their minds in the right direction!


Overall, these were a great success with my kids!  It was something they truly enjoyed and learned with at the same time.  Honestly these would be perfect for car trips or quiet times.  You could download the book/video onto a tablet and take along the workbook.  The only thing I would prefer different is I would love it if the books and workbooks were in print (which they are working on).  However, some people prefer completely digital learning so this would be great for that!


I’m really excited that more people are taking the initiative to combine multiple areas of learning.  Just like in real life we use many subjects to complete a simple task such as baking or driving a car it helps to teach children in that manner!


If you have younger children I highly encourage you to check them out, I think your children might enjoy them as much as mine did!




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