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Jenny/ May 21, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

 I love alphabet books!  You know the ones, A is for ….I have several and they’ve all been so much fun to read to the kids.  So, I was really excited to get to review “T is for Tree: A Bible ABC“from Reformed Free Publishing Association.


First of all, I loved the book!  It is hardback and fully illustrated with full color on each page.  Each letter has a Bible verse and a lovely picture to go along with it.  Each letter has a rhyming verse along with the Bible verse.  I love rhyming books 🙂


I used this with all 3 kids.  We read it just as a fun read, but we did other things also.  Each morning I would write a verse on the dry erase board along with the letter.  This introduced the boys to a new Bible verse along with new words to sound out.


The boys seemed to really enjoy this book.  I’m really pleased with the quality of the hardback and the binding.  It seems like it will last very well!  I’m always discouraged if my new book falls apart 😉  


A few notes about it:  its completely King James Bible Version which some people will like and some won’t, lol.  But if you prefer another version you can simply look it up and read it to your kids.  It is about 8*11 inches and 1/2 thick so its perfect for little hands to hold.


This works perfect for scripture memorization.  You could take one verse a week and work with your older ones to memorize it and your younger ones on letter recognition so it can be a multi-tasking book.


One reason I enjoyed this book so much was we want to have a solid Christian foundation for our kids in all subjects.  I feel like you can’t really separate learning and wisdom from God’s word so this is just another helpful tool to do just that!  Even Lilly (1) loved being read to out of this!  So we are “training them up in the way they should go” even in phonics!


If you are a Sunday school teacher you could make great use of this!  You could read the verse to your students and then let them draw or paint a picture to go along with the verses.


Reformed Free Publishing Association is a non-profit who seeks to witness to the “distinctive reformed truth”.  According to their website their goals are “The RFPA strives to testify to the truth of scripture as understood and developed in the Reformed tradition. The RFPA develops this testimony by exposing false and deceptive views that are not in harmony with the truth of scripture. The RFPA proclaims this testimony by making good Reformed material available to the public for the sake of Christ’s church and to the glory of God.”


They have loads of other resources on their website and I highly encourage you to check them out!  Also don’t forget to read the other reviews at the link below!






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