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Jenny/ April 10, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

 I had been having some issues with my 7 year old son and his phonics.  We had tried mulitiple approaches and nothing seemed to really make a great impact.  I would see some minor improvements but nothing significant.  So, when I was given the opportunity to review Memoria Press and their Traditional Spelling 1 & Classical Phonics I was somewhat skeptical.


I had never used the Classical method before but I am a convert now!  When we started the program my son’s printing was rather rough and his phonics was hit and miss to say the least.  This program has completely changed that!  He is sounding out words on his own now with great results & his printing is now readable!  Yeah!  Best of all, he actually likes it!  Score!


The resources provided for this spelling program were the Teacher Manual, the Student book, a spelling practice book, flashcards and Classical Phonics.  The teacher manual explains each day’s work and gives a spelling list for you to write out each week on notecards. You will use these as spelling flashcards.  The student will practice writing their spelling words according to endings, vowels and in sentences.  They will also get extra practice in their practice book.  At the end of each week you can give a test.  I actually used our chalkboard and let my son write his words on the board.  He really enjoyed that!

 Some examples from the student book!


The Classical Phonics gives lists of words based on vowels, endings ect…and is wonderful to get the student used to sounding out words without picture clues.  This was really helpful to me because my son is bad about looking at the picture and saying the words without even looking at them!  It is spiral bound and reusable.


The student and teacher book are spiral bound and the quality is excellent!  The student book and practice book are both consumable but the teacher book is reusable.  The flashcards are heavy duty and should last through several children making it a good investment!  Honestly, I was so pleased with the results of this program that I will be using it with each of my kids!

 This is the list Jake finished yesterday.


Memoria Press has loads of classical education resources.  After my son has a firm grasp on phonics we plan to continue with the Prima Latina program.  This is generally used with grades 1-3. It is a slow introduction to Latin for beginners.  They can then transition into Latina Christiana which is designed as a beginning Latin course for all beginners of all ages!  I’m looking forward to that, since I’ve never learned Latin but have been reading about all the benefits of it!

 The company is a Christian classical curriculum company that promotes transmitting the Christian classical heritage to our children “through the use of liberal arts and the great works of the Western Tradition”.  They have a wide range of programs which include phonics, spelling, math, Latin, history, Science, composition and much more!  They also have an online academy!



 This company is well worth your while in checking out!  I plan on using them for many things in the future and am so happy that I was blessed with the opportunity to try them out.  You won’t be disappointed if you do also!



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