"Dinosaur Days of Long Ago" Part #2 & a Giveaway!

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So, we’ve been studying our Dinosaur Days of Long Ago program from WinterPromise Publishing for a couple of months now. Since I’m doing this with a 7 year old we do about 3 days a week with it. I’m actually planning on going through it again in 2 years to help him absorb even more of the information! He loves this program and so do I!


First off, I’ve already discussed the structure of the program in my first post but here’s a slight review in case you’re just finding this. There is a teacher manual which breaks down each day’s work saving you loads of time & stress. Then there is the student notebook which is a huge resource full of information, journaling, artwork opportunities and projects. You also utilize 3 books, Dinosaurs-Marvels of Creation, Dinosaurs for Kids and Fossils.


So, in the first weeks we studied the days of creation and did several projects. We made a rainbow by passing sunlight through a window into a glass of water held over a white piece of paper. Both of my sons thought this was awesome!


We studied water and the amazing life-sustaining properties it has. My son listed loads of ways we use water every day, such as washing our clothes, playing hockey, throwing snowballs and fighting fires.


We also recorded the weather for a couple of weeks along with the sky color and why we thought it was this color. Every morning my 7 year old would excitedly run to the window and describe the weather for me that day.


Then we studied plants and turned our attention to the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds we eat. We made a search of our pantry to decide which part of the plant we eat. This was fun for the boys! Of course anytime food is discussed they enjoy that, lol.

A glimpse inside at our Paleontology work! 



In the sand box we studied the effects of meteroites crashing into the moon’s surface and the craters they form.


From there we skipped a little because my son was so anxious to study dinosaurs!(He’s going to do the simple machine projects with his Daddy this summer). First we learned about the discovery of dinosaurs and the actual naming of them that! Then we learned about T-rexes which are most likely one of the best known dinosaurs. Then we get to be Paleontologists and study plant fossils and tell based on their characteristics where we think they grew. My son absolutely loves that part!


In fact we get to be a Paleontologist a lot! We learned about Flying Reptiles and sea reptiles. We made a fossil tooth out of salt-dough and we even made fossilized dinosaur tracks out of salt-dough and toy dinosaurs!

Our salt-dough fossilized dinosaur tracks! 


I’m learning so much right along with my son. I never knew dinosaurs were classified according to their hip structure, did you?

 (Don’t you love the face paint from turkey hunting? Lol. )


Right now, we are studying Hadrosaurs which are often thought of as “duckbilled”. I can hardly imagine the creativity of our Creator! He made such unique animals and the dinosaurs are just one more proof of his amazing design!  I just want to mention that these are geared for student in 2nd-6th grade so if you have multiple children these are a fantastic time saver because you can combine their lessons!  I do this with my 7 year old and 4 year old.  Sure the 4 year old doesn’t absorb as much as the 7 year old but they’re both learning!


Don’t forget to come back and join me as we continue our journey in Dinosaur Days of Long Ago!


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Disclaimer:  I received these materials free for my fair and honest review.  I was not required to give a positive review!  I do not make a commission off any sales on these products, I honestly LOVE them!

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