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Our family loves movies! But it can be rather difficult to find good quality family movies that affirm our Christian values. And sometimes even then they don’t support our very conservative convictions. That’s one reason I was thrilled to hear of a new company who is putting together not-only Christian value movies but with a special bent (they’re addressing purity issues many of us don’t even think about). Watchman Pictures just put out the movie called “Princess Cut” and we were given the privilege of reviewing it!


First off, I’m not going to spoil the whole movie line, so never fear! I just want to say this was quite well done. No, it doesn’t have amazing stunts or thrilling endings but it is a good, solid movie with excellent acting and real-life drama.


We follow a young woman through her choices she must make as she struggles to find a spouse. Should she give any physical affection before marriage? All too often the answer we hear in the world and even in the church world is “yes”. I read a “Christian” book a while back that said a couple should give the same amount of physical affection as their dedication to each other. Really? Is that what the Bible says? Besides who has been completely dedicated to someone only to find out a few months later that the love has waned? (probably most of us!) We can’t trust our emotions or our feelings of “dedication” to a person.

 The only thing we can trust is God and his word, which says a couple should be married to avoid falling into temptation. Does that mean you are sinning if you kiss before marriage? I’m not saying that, but let me pose the question to you another way…If you never kissed before marriage, how likely is it that you will engage in premarital sex? From my point of view, not too likely. If you are willing to hold even your kisses as precious and reserved for your future spouse then how much more precious will be your purity?


This movie skillfully lets us watch as the young lady puts her trust in not only her earthly father’s love and guidance but her heavenly father’s love and she gains the realization that both truly want what is best for her! Neither is willing to let her settle for 2nd best and she shouldn’t be either.


There are a couple of twists in the movie and even some comedy with her younger brother which laughingly reminded me of the revenge I took once upon a time on a young man who jilted my older sister, lol.


I highly recommend this movie, not only for its good message but also for the fine teaching opportunity you will have with your children on the subject of purity and waiting for God’s best. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing what else will come out of this company! I expect that God will bless them for their efforts to honor him in a culture that has turned everything in direct opposition to his will.


I’ll hope you’ll watch this movie & check out the other fine reviews below!



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