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Jenny/ December 4, 2017/ Family Life

Any parent of young children can probably identify with this.  Your kids take all your time, all day (sometimes all night) and you are left wondering, “did I actually eat a meal today?”  Sure, you might grab a handful of this or that as you are running to do the next thing on your list, but a sit-down, leisurely meal sounds impossible.  However, not having regular, healthy meals will tell on your body.  You already have a busy life that is wearing on you, less sleep than you need & the addition of improper nutrition can be a final blow to your health.

But, just like healthy, regular meals are vital to your well-being; healthy, regular time with Jesus (in his word & in prayer) are vital to your spiritual well-being.  Eating take-out every meal will drain your energy very quickly & grabbing a take-out meal of the word (verse of the day) and a quick “bless this day” prayer will drain your spiritual health just as quickly.

So, what do we do?  If you are anything like me, as soon as you wake up, there are responsibilities to take care of. Laundry, dishes, diapers, sibling quarrels, food to cook, floors to sweep, homeschooling…How do we find time to spend with God?  How do we find time to drink from his life-giving well?

Actually the question is “how do we NOT have the time to spend with him?”  Its very strange, and doesn’t make a whole lot of physical sense, but spending time with God actually increases your productivity, your outlook, your health.  Even if its 5 minutes here and there, when its done with an attitude of true worship & dedication, the Lord blesses our feeble efforts.  Its true, I can’t spend 3 hours a day in reading my Bible or a solid hour in prayer, but I can make it a point to read it every day & meditate on His words & pray continually throughout my day.

How do you make time to nourish your soul with God’s word?  Or do you believe its really not that important



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