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Jenny/ October 19, 2017/ Family Life

I love baby kisses!  In fact, I would be hard pressed to say that I ever could possibly get tired of them.  They are so amazingly sweet.  Lilly started kissing me out of the blue the other night.  It was so funny, because of course you get a mouth full of slobbers every time also.  It was like the thought just hit her to give me kisses which she proceeded to do about 20 times in a row, then stopped.  No more kisses the rest of the night.  No kisses would she give to Daddy either.  Then last night she leans in and starts kissing me again.  No rhyme or reason and with no warning she stops and no amount of begging will induce her to kiss again.

My older boys will give me kisses anytime I ask now.  Does that make them any less sweeter?  No, it really doesn’t.  But I wonder if we appreciate them as much…I still love it when they hug me tight and kiss my cheek and say Mommy I love you so much!  But I wonder if they were to give me 20 in a row, would I ask them to stop? Would I become irritated?

Do we allow more selfishness within ourselves as our children age?  Do we resent the time it takes to nurture and train them?  I would love to say no, but I’m afraid sometimes the answer is yes.  Do we get irritated at the exuberance of our children and their childishness?  I do, I know.  But I regret it and I’m praying for change and taking steps toward change.  My children are only little so long and one day all those baby kisses will be gone…I’m not ready for that; I don’t think I’ll ever be.  So, I’m going to enjoy those exuberant big boy kisses and hugs to the fullest also; one day they’ll be gone too!



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