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Jenny/ December 5, 2017/ Family Life

Its that time of year again!  Whether you subscribe to the “all you can buy” mentality or “less is more” you still have to make choices.  What to buy, where to buy & how much to spend.  Here are my top picks this year:

1.  Books, books & more books!  I hosted an Usborne book party & earned tons of free books, so guess whose kids will be unwrapping about 15 books each?

2.  Audio-books!  Oh, my goodness, my kids love these and so do I!  I ordered Jonathan Park & the first set of the Sugar Creek Gang audio-books/audio-adventures for our boys 🙂  I’m super excited to listen to these!

3.  The third one I’m still undecided on.  Its tied between a zip line or bicycles.  My husband has yet to weigh in on this question, thus the indecision. 

What’s missing???

Toys, clothes, gift cards & electronics!


My kids have enough toys (and will probably get a few more from friends & family). 

My kids also have enough clothes & if they really need them, we just buy them 😉

My kids are too young to use gift cards!

And my kids do not need electronics!

So, there’s my list of top Christmas picks.  What’s on yours?  Any similarities to mine?

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