What about direct sellers?

Jenny/ October 12, 2017/ Family Life

So, what do you think of direct sellers?  They’ve gotten a pretty bad rap in the last few years, unfortunately.  Some is warranted and some isn’t in my opinion.

First of all, what is a direct seller?  Really, its anyone who sells directly to a customer.  They usually are affiliated with a company who provides the product at wholesale to the seller who then sells to the customer at retail.  They may do this using person-to-person, internet, mail-order or phone sales.

Why the bad reputation?  Well, I’ve been in contact with quite a few direct sellers.  Some are super pushy; they won’t leave you alone.  Its not that they contact you every once in awhile about sales, specials or just to check in with you; they pester, badger and make you feel like you HAVE to purchase from them!  Its all about them!  Then there are the WONDERFUL direct sellers I know!  They are a world of difference!  They care about you, your satisfaction, your shopping experience and work to build a relationship with you!  I absolutely love buying from people like this!  I have a wonderful friend who sells high quality clothing from her home.  This has been such a blessing to me.  I don’t have to go to town shopping for clothing that I can never find at the stores.  All I have to do is get on my computer and look through her albums.  Or I can hop in my car, drive 15 miles to her house & go through her selection.  Honestly, can it get any easier than that?  And the quality is fabulous.  The customer service from her is the best!  If I have any problems at all, she instantly takes care of it in whatever manner I prefer.  She remembers my sizes and my color preferences; can Walmart come anywhere near that?

Great direct sellers are building a business, not just a quick money scheme.  They want a relationship for the long term with you!  They remember your name and work their tails off to please you.  If you stop and think about it, direct selling is really returning somewhat to an old-fashioned way of doing business.  You are doing business with an individual who specializes in a specific product or product type.  If you want nutritional supplements, call your nutritional supplement direct seller.  If you want clothes, call your clothing direct seller.  Hair accessories, call your direct seller.  Make-up, call your direct seller.  Really, it simplifies your life so much!

So, what do you think of direct sellers?  Like them? Love them? Don’t know much about them?

And if you need great clothes, make-up, nutritional supplements, skin-care or hair accessories, let me know and I’ll recommend my favorite direct sellers!



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