Balancing my life

Jenny/ October 5, 2017/ Family Life

How do we balance everything in this life?  I don’t know about you, but frankly I don’t.  I’m always falling off somewhere, whether too much focus on fun, academics, home-business, cleaning ect…

I’m trying so hard though!  I’m reading my Bible daily, exercising, putting good things in my kid’s life and trying to add good things in my life everyday.

But I so often have to step back and say “what am I really doing here”?  What am I really accomplishing with this project?  Am I succeeding in my long term vision for my family and life?  And that’s where it really hits me…what is my vision??

My vision is a peaceful home; a home where God is truly the focus in everything.  He’s the center of our morning walk, our devotion, our songs, our movies, our meditation.  He’s at the center when I’m so frustrated with the way my day is going.  Ok, actually I want him to be at the center of that.  I can’t say I’ve arrived most days.  Most days I fall flat on my face, as a huge failure.  But I’m getting back up.  I’m repenting of my sin with my children, my spouse, my attitude.

Maybe there actually doesn’t need to be a balance.  Maybe its all about Him.  Putting everything in our life under Him.  What do you think?



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