Fathers: The Unsung Heroes

Jenny/ June 15, 2019/ Family Life

  Fathers… For many people this word brings an instant picture to mind. When I think of this word I immediately think of my Daddy. He was an amazing dad whose memory will forever make me smile. Not too tall, I believe he was 5’9″, but he towers in my mind as a hero of a father. Why? Did he

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The Value of a Father

Jenny/ February 15, 2018/ Family Life

    In today’s world we often hear of problem fathers; fathers leaving their families & “deadbeat” dads.  Sadly this is the case far too much.  But, we should also hear of the Dad’s who are doing their part.  The Dad’s who sacrifice comfort, time and money for the sake of their families 🙂  Enter:  my husband!   My husband

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Staying the Course

Jenny/ December 10, 2017/ Family Life

  Anyone who knows me very well, knows that if you talk to me very long the conversation will sooner than later turn to outdoor subjects.  It really doesn’t matter what I’m doing as long as its outdoors enjoying God’s amazing creation.  Of all the things a person can do outdoors to pass their time, there is none more special,

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