Saving for Education~Journal Entry #11

Jenny/ February 27, 2020/ Homeschool Reviews

Good Thursday morning! And welcome to our #11 in.Journey Through the Code series of The Kingdom Code. Guess what we’re working on in this lesson? Yep, you’re right, E is for Education!

It is a HUGE decision that you will make on what career you will one day have. I wish I had been better prepared. Instead of blindly recommending college for every child who does well in school we should be questioning what path they really wish to pursue. Regardless though, you may need money to pursue training so it is wise to start saving for career education now!

Education journey through thecode

How much should you put aside for Education?

Its recommended from The Kingdom Code that you put aside 10% in your E envelope. Of course you are able to put in more or less as you see fit but they are training to budget based on these percentages. I practiced with Jake on figuring percentages out of some money he received from Grama yesterday.

He has been contemplating a career for quite a while and is now extremely interested in the training program by ALERT out of Texas. They train young men to become all kinds of emergency response teams and he is very interested in getting his pilot’s license. Although he’s still young and may change his mind this gives him a great goal to work towards!

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We are loving this program! What do you think? Do you want totrain your own kids in how to handle money God’s Way? Use code 10TKC21 for 10% off!

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