How Homeschooling & Breastfeeding Are Similar

Jenny/ September 6, 2019/ Family Life

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Soooo, right off the bat I’d like to say that no, not all homeschoolers breastfeed nor do all people who breastfeed homeschool 🙂  That’s pretty much a given, however, that’s not really even the point of my article.  Its really about how these two different things go hand in hand with my philosophy on raising my children!


When I was pregnant with all my children, I was super careful about what I did, the things I ate, drank and took as supplements.  It was just a natural progression to breastfeeding when they were born.  I actually never even thought about using formula.  It went against my very nature.  I figured that God had designed my body to nourish and nurture my babies in pregnancy and afterwards.  Thankfully, after a rather rocky start with my first, second, third, and fourth everything was pretty much smooth sailing after about 2-3 weeks.  None of my babies have ever had a drop of formula!  (this in no way is meant to be an article against formula or mommas who formula feed).  


So, same thing with homeschooling.  As my babies grew, I never really consulted the “experts” about when they should be hitting “milestones”.  I mean, seriously here, a normally developing baby just does things at his/her own pace.  You can’t really speed them up or slow them down (darn!).  Anyway, they learned as they learned naturally.  My first walked at 11 1/2 months, second at 10 months, third at 10 months and the fourth started pulling up at 5 1/2 months.  I never gave them any special “developmental” helps just love, time and cuddles 🙂


With our first it was just a given that we homeschool.  I couldn’t imagine sending them to be with strangers for them to learn things I could teach them at home.  It really seemed silly to me (kind of like buying premade baby food instead of making my own, but I digress here, lol).  So, that’s what we did, we just kept teaching him the things he needed to learn ourselves.  Need to learn colors?  Legos worked great for that, along with how to count and add.  ABC’s?  Come on!  Who can’t teach their kid that just as easy as can be? 


We just added in more things as they matured and needed more stimulation (kind of like adding healthy solid foods when baby is matured enough for them!  But enough already….

Here are the similarities according to my way of thinking:

1.  Natural progression

2.  Perfectly designed to do the job

3.  Safety 

4.  Complete nutrition both physically & academically

5.  Changes to suit their unique needs

6.  Both spoken of or alluded to in God’s Word

7.  Stimulating & healthy for both child & parent

8.  Both against the grain of “current culture”

9.  Economical

10.  Something I’ll never regret!


So, what do you think?  Had you ever thought about their being similarities between breastfeeding & homeschooling?  Maybe my quirky mind just picks up on these things!  Drop me a comment & let me know your thoughts!


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