Our Exciting Adventure with "Britfield & the Lost Crown"

Jenny/ August 27, 2019/ Homeschool Reviews

 My son Jake is crazy about audiobooks and so he was thrilled when we got to review a new one called “Britfield & the Lost Crown” from author C.R. Stewart. This is a fast-paced adventure novel set in England. It looked excellent and right up my son’s alley from the description and we were not disappointed!


First off, they have paperback, hardback, ebook and audiobook versions available. We chose the audiobook so my 8 year old son could listen independently. It was an Audible purchase so we loaded it on our tablets and phones. This made it so easy to access since he could listen to it wherever we were!  He loves to listen at naptime and on cartrips especially!  This audiobook was over 9 hours long which is perfect!  It took him less than a week to listen completely the first time. Honestly, if I would have let him he would have listened to the whole thing the first day because he was enthralled with it!


So, basically the book takes you on an exciting adventure with two children Tom and Sarah who are in a despicable orphanage in Yorkshire, England. It isn’t really an orphanage it’s a workhouse with deplorable conditions. The children all work together to help Tom and Sarah escape after Tom learns new information about his family.  Is he an heir to the throne? They encounter danger at every corner and meet some new friends who help them in their endeavor.


The characters in the book are very memorable. From the evil orphanage caretakers to the college professor turned friend you will feel like you’re actually meeting them in person.


We really enjoyed traveling across England with the children and the author describes the places and scenes so well you can see them as you listen! It made me want to visit these places he talked about.


I love the language he uses and feel this is really beneficial to a child’s vocabulary enrichment. This is a novel but most definitely not twaddle or useless reading. Your child and you will learn history, geography and increase their listening attention span if they get the audible version!


We were able to download a study guide also and I have to say, this is a wonderful addition. You can turn this book into an interesting language arts unit!  It gives a list of vocabulary words in each chapter and definitions. It also has reading comprehension questions and opportunities for creative writing and further research. I’m actually going to use this for his language arts study for the next couple of months. He’s listened to the book 3 times already so he has had plenty of opportunity to learn it well!  He loved it btw and is begging for the second one!


I really can’t recommend Britfield & the Lost Crown too much, it’s that good!  Both adults and kids alike will enjoy it and find themselves learning from it without even realizing it. That’s a sign of a great book!


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