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 I am always looking for ways to incorporate living books in my son’s literature so when I was given Grade 2 Lightning Lit Set from Hewitt Homeschooling Resources I was very excited!  Lightning Lit is a comprehensive literature program that is designed to nuture a love of learning in your children with fun, interesting and sensible reading studies. 


First of all, there is a consumable student workbook and a teacher manual. Both are sturdy and even though they are paperback they are well made. I love the selection of books that you read from!  One thing especially that caught my attention was that you read whole books and answer questions, learn things such as sentence structure, and diagramming using the individual books not just pieces like I did in school. That always annoyed me to never learn the rest of a story!


We have done 6 weeks of this program so far, so we have read 6 different books. Like I said before, I am impressed with the quality of books they selected. The books are readily available at Amazon, resale book stores and the library, however, I also found them all on YouTube as read-a-louds!  The boys enjoyed the ones I didn’t buy like this.


What’s Covered?


  • 36 weeks of literature work (36 different stories or poems)

  • Alphabetical order

  • Parts of sentences (nouns, plural nouns, ECT)

  • Each week has a page for written narratation, a page on what they think of the story and a place to write their favorite sentence.

  • It teaches appropriate punctuation, capitalization, ECT…


It is a very high quality program. We are continuing it and I have purchased the poetry book that it will be using next also as I am wanting to add more poetry to our learning!



The teacher’s manual is helpful and has more in-depth discussion and questions. It also has suggestions on composition and just a greater overall scope of things for your child to work on (especially if they need more challenging work). It also has an answer key. 


Both of these are very open and go!  Of course you will need to check out which books you need ahead of time but these are very parent friendly and easy to use.  Our favorite book we used for this so far was about Teddie Roosevelt.  There was so much about that man to admire and to inspire us to perseverance.  We also found the “Old Woman Who Named Things” to be sad and it made us feel sorry for older people who live alone.  Good books always inspire further thought and contemplation!


Hewitt Homeschooling Resources 


I really do like this program and feel like it is an excellent choice for homeschoolers! I hope you’ll check them out and let me know what you think of them!


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