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As a homeschooling mama I am always using a planner. So when I was given the opportunity to review The Old Schoolhouse® and their new “Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20” I was super happy!  It’s really hard to find a great planner that meets all of the varied needs of a homeschooler with multiple children.  This planner was put together by Gena Suarez, who is the Publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine (which I love, BTW).

So, what’s so great about this one?

Let me count the things!

  1. It’s spiral bound!  Ok, I could go on and on about this, but I’m crazy about spiral binding especially in planners!  It’s just so user friendly!

  2. It’s a nice size. It’s not so huge that it’s bulky but it’s not so small you have to write with a magnifying glass (lol).  It’s 8.5*11 inches, so the size of printer paper. Perfect!

  3. The pages are thick and sturdy paper and the front and back are glossy! Love that!!

  4. There is room for record keeping for 5 children!! I cannot emphasize enough how awesome this is with multiple children!  You only need one planner. Of course, if you have more than 5 in school you’ll need to tweak it or get 2. For me, I wrote all of my kids down because even though I won’t be actively homeschooling 2 of them, I can keep notes about them, appointments ECT.

  5. There are full page monthly calenders and pages for each week plus yearly calendars at a glance for 2019, 2020 and 2021. I really appreciate having everything separate. 

  6. Ok, one of my absolutely favorite things about it is the Hey Mama, devotional sections.  These are just incredibly encouraging, thought provoking and challenging. I have to admit I went first thing and read all of these!


What’s included?

  • Transcript helps.

  • High School transcript form.

  • Monthly notes.

  • Hey, Mama devotional for each month.

  • Calendars

  • Record keeping blocks per week for up to 5 children.

  • Curriculum planning for each child.

  • Attendance record for each child.

  • Books read this year for each child.

  • Yearly goals/each child.

  • First semester goals, second semester goals/each child.


I like that there isn’t a bunch of unnecessary things included. I don’t need many of the extras in other planners and they just clutter it up, in my opinion. I love that this will be easy and convenient to store for record keeping purposes.  Honestly, this is my favorite planner for homeschooling that I’ve had yet!


Note: the month of November had wonky dates, but they were easily fixed!


Psst:  They’ve sold out 98% of their printing and don’t plan to print more until next year!  So, if you want one, you better grab it quickly 🙂


I really hope you’ll check this planner out.  It is an awesome value and one I will be using each year.  I’m really excited because I have tried out several and this one really fits!  Woohoo!!


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