"Dinosaur Days" Science Curriculum Review

Jenny/ May 11, 2019/ Homeschool Reviews


Did you love your science curriculum this year?  We had so much fun with what we did and part of it was our Dinosaur Days from WinterPromise Publishing.  My kids are crazy about Dinosaurs and this really helped to build our knowledge of the earth and the Bible.  


Right now we are having loads of fun with being a Palenontologist and my kids are digging up the yard with hammer, spoons and a paintbrush (to brush the dirt off their fossils, you know).  Are your kids in love with dinosaurs but are you dissatisfied with the secular view of them and how they are used to promote the theory of evolution?  Or maybe you love the Biblical stance in a curriculum you found but feel its short of scientific discovery and evidence?  If so, I encourage you to take a look at Dinosaur Days which is a thorough curriculum that covers dinosaurs but also much more!


This program will take your through weather observations, making a rainbow with some white paper, a sunny window and a glass of water but also explains small machines and how to construct them (pulleys, ect…)  You will study the days of Creation, and learn all about dinosaurs of course.  You’ll  understand how scientists classify dinosaurs (are they bird-hipped or lizard hipped and more?), the history behind fossil discoveries and you get to learn how to be a paleontologist.  


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The student notebook is full of information and also gives your child an opportunity for copy-work and research as well as some creative writing.  This curriculum can be easily modified for difficulty levels.  For example, my son was 7-8 while using it but it could be also used with a high-schooler.  This would work great if you are teaching multiple ages at once.  The teacher’s book gives you a run-down of supplies needed plus an outline if you so choose.  Both the teacher and student books are very user friendly!  There are projects to complete and most use basic supplies!  This is most definitely a program Charlotte Mason would approve of, as it uses exciting, living books to teach from!


 I think you will be encouraged in your faith and strengthened in your scientific knowledge if you use this program and you and your child will be equipped to “give an answer to every man of the hope that lies within you” especially when it comes to Creation and the dinosaurs!


disclaimer:  I received this product free for my fair and honest review and was not compensated in any other way nor was I required to give a positive review!



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