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What’s your focus on?  This is an area I struggle so much with, honestly.  There are so many things that are required in my day as a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom that many times I lose sight of my main goal.  What is that? you might ask…  In a nutshell, here is my goal:  to point my children to Christ.  Its really that simple, now how do we get there?


For our family, one way we point our children to Christ, is to of course, make it a part of our everyday life.  A huge part of that is our homeschooling.  What does homeschooling have to do with that?  I’m so glad you asked!


1.  It allows us to have maximum influence.  It’s just common sense:  whoever our children spend the most time with will impact them the most.  


2.  It limits negative influences significantly.  This goes along with #1, but if I’m not having to constantly deprogram my children from influences they receive at school then I can spend more time teaching them from God’s word and about His world.


3.  We can focus on what’s most important in their schooling.  Of course, we still learn to read, write, add, subtract, ect.. and you might think those are pretty neutral subjects.  That’s actually not the case however.  The Bible says that what is not for God, is against God.  That’s pretty cut and dried, isn’t it?  We need to point our children to Christ in every subject (math included, after all, who made math?)


Homeschooling also allows us to teach our children true history without the Christian parts deleted.  It lets us protect our children from the over-sexualization that is so common in our culture.  And no, I don’t shield my children from truth!  We have honest talks about purity, pornography, and protecting themselves from sexual predators frequently.  


It gives us the opportunity to discuss the complexity and design of a simple flower or the human eye.  God says His creation speaks of Him, so I would assume He intends us to speak of Him as we observe His creation.  


If this is our main goal as parents we cannot allow the pursuit of academics, or money or prestige to take precedence over the best thing we can offer our children:  a solid foundation that shows them their need for a Savior and gives them the knowledge to find Him!

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