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“Hey, do you know what a cartouche is?”  This was the question posed to my husband by our 8 year old son.  We have been doing a review of an online study from Techie Homeschool Mom called “Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study”.  I had never done an online unit study like this and was curious as to how it would work?  Would it excite or bore my boys and I?  Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised!


First off, everyone knows the internet is absolutely FULL of information.  You can learn about pretty much anything you want to with YouTube, how-to articles and other streaming services such as Curiousity Stream (which is utilized a lot on this study).  However, it can be very difficult to wade through all the information and decide what is pertinent to your study.  That’s where Techie Homeschool Mom comes in!  She has organized all the information online into a unit study that’s easy to follow and fun to complete.  We have learned so much about Egypt with this course.


Her course is set up with information on the program first, general questions/broken links, project supplies and the book club.  She explains how to navigate it, answers common questions, tells you how to report non-working links, gives the project supply list and explains the book club and what books are suggested.  


We actually picked a book for the book club about Egypt called “The Cat of Bustabes” by G.A. Henty, which was not on the list of suggested books but worked great anyway!  You are to listen to part of it each week and discuss it.


The next section contains:  The Birth of Egyptian Civilation, Ancient Egyptian Society, a project on building the social pyramid using Canva and the book club.  This section contains a video to watch on these topics and a quiz on the social pyramid.  Then you can use Canva to make your own social pyramid.


Next is the section on hieroglyphics, papyrus, watching BBC’s Egypt and the book club.  We really enjoyed learning about hieroglyphics.  Did you know they had no vowels so you have to somewhat guess exactly how the words sounded?  We got to watch a video of how they made papyrus which they used to write on.  It was a pretty involved process, I imagine paper was highly prized!  We weren’t able to watch that episode due to issues with Curiousity Stream but instead watched a video on YouTube about King Tut and the engineering marvels of the Egyptians.  The boys loved that!

Here we are working on our salt dough cartouches.

Jenny on the left, Jakob on the right in hieroglyphics.


The ret of the course covers the Rosetta Stone, making a cartouche, daily life in ancient Egypt, Senet, projects, Egyptian inventions, making a Shaduf, clothing and jewelry, hair and makeup, Pharoahs and Queens, the pyramids, making a mummy, amulets and a final project.


We are still currently working through all of these.  I think it will be fun to make all the projects.  We are also still listening to our book club selection and watching online videos on all the different aspects of Egyptian culture.  I have been very pleased with this course!  We are planning on completing her online course on Ancient Greece next!


A couple of notes:  if your children are younger you can do the study with them, but if they are older they can do it all by themselves!  You can also do this study with multiple age levels at the same time and you have lifelong access to any courses you purchase!


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