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Jenny/ March 8, 2019/ Thrifty Homeschool Mama Tips & Tricks

 disclaimer:  I am an affiliate for this company because I LOVE what they stand for and the products they produce 🙂


Do you love history?  I do! In fact, its my absolute favorite subject.  I love reading about all the interesting things that happened in our past 🙂  In school, however, the textbooks were SO dry that they bored me to tears.  Is this the way we have to learn?


 I say, definitely NOT!  We should be learning about history through exciting, engaging stories that make us actually want to know more.  It should also be from the standpoint of God interjecting Himself into our world and children should learn about our Christian heritage from a Christian perspective (not from a world perspective that despises the Word of God and everything it stands for).  


That is one reason I am so excited to introduce you to EverBright Media and “Learn Our History”.  This company was founded by 2 men who are incredibly passionate about true history (no white-washing it to make it look nicer) and the Word of God and the Christian influence on our world.  You and your kids can learn history from an exciting video series that teaches as well as entertains.  I know my kids love these!  They ask to watch them “just because”.  


This is a brand subscription service which will feature 4 videos per month (you choose digital only or physical dvds and digital access in a monthly subscription service).  You and your kids will progress each month, learning more and more true history!  This is a fantastic supplement for anyone who attends public school where the history is missing pieces or simply is uninspiring.  And for homeschoolers this is absolutely a GOLD MINE!  Read on to find out more…


Not only does this teach history but it comes with the potential to pay for a year of college!   Wow, is all I can say to that 🙂  Every month you earn points that are equivalent to $$.  Every year you have a subscription you earn over $3,000 in college tuition credit.  How absolutely incredible is that?


Come on over to the page and check them out!  You won’t be disappointed!






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