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I was able to review Homeschool Complete and their Second Grade Complete.  As the name says this is a complete program for your homeschool.  It includes all your subjects and has everything planned out for you which could save you loads of time and aggravation!


Jake used this for several weeks and overall I was pleased with the program.  I did not use it as intensively as it could be used but did some modifications to fit us where we are at right now (with a newborn!).  I did like how it was set up to make life easier for the homeschool planner (because all the work is done for you!)  



Like I said, it is a comprehensive curriculum that has everything from Bible, Literature (including Reading, Writing, Phonics, Poetry), Math, History, Science, Art and even P.E.  It gives books to be read that go along with a main theme (such as Johnny Appleseed and projects that all use apples).  


We did do an abbreviated version of this curriculum but really utilized the math and reading (phonics, punctuation) and history readings.  Some of the areas for very easy for Jake and some were more difficult so it helped to challenge him (which is a good thing!).


What I liked about it:

1.  Easy to use.

2.  Very organized.

3.  Interesting

4.  Adaptable with multiple children (even though it says 2nd grade, my 5 year old participated in listening to the readings and math problems so he was still learning).

5.  Digital (so you can reprint pages as needed!).


Things I didn’t like:

Honestly there weren’t any actual things I didn’t like.  It was a little more intensive than what I can actually use right now, but that’s not really a bad thing (just a preference at this particular spot in my life).  


Another thing I really liked was at the beginning they listed all the objectives for each subject that would be covered.  It also had extras like the months of the year, days of the week, ect…  along with songs to help the kids memorize these.  I’ve been working with the boys on these so that is super helpful!


Just a few of the things covered in Lesson 1 are counting by ones, fives and tens to one hundred, reciting home address, weather observation and recording, writing in a journal, short vowel words, understanding sentence punctuation, identifying a number that comes before or after a certain number & making sponge prints.  The lesson plan will also list all materials needed for the lessons.  It also has a schedule for your day (if you want to use that!)  It is scheduled in your day to also read a chapter book aloud each day.  My kids love that part!


I plan to continue to use this with Jake as a supplement 🙂 


This company also has other curriculums for different grade levels.  It also has individual unit studies.  The different levels are available in print or digital (the print versions come with extra manipulatives).  Be sure and check out the other reviews at the link below as we all reviewed different levels!




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