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We enjoyed doing this review of WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group and their series The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls with books The Great Escape (book #3) and Journey to Jericho (book #4).  These are Christian adventure books geared towards kids ages 6-9 (but I really enjoyed them too, lol).


These are chapter books so if you have a reader who wants to read these by himself/herself they shouldn’t have a problem with it.  They are each about 120 pages long and have black and white illustrations mixed in the books.  


First of all I read these aloud to all the kids and everyone (including myself) enjoyed them a lot!  Jake got frustrated when I would have to stop reading because each chapter ended with something exciting about to happen!  I read about 2-4 chapters a day and each book took a week to read that way.  They work perfectly as read-a-louds!


The Great Escape was a story of time travel for 2 kids and their dog with Moses and the Israelites as they go through the plagues of Egypt and escape through the Red Sea. Journey to Jericho finds the kids meeting Joshua and experiencing the fall of Jericho. They have done a great job with these books!  They held my kids attention extremely well!


I don’t want to be a spoiler so I won’t go into great detail, but here is the gist of the books.  You will travel along with a brother (Peter) and sister (Mary) as they explore stories from the Bible with help from their dog (Hank) and Great Uncle Solomon.  They have to solve a secret message on a scroll in a certain amount of time or they will be stuck in that time forever! Keep on the lookout for a sinister man in black who somehow appears in each book and Michael the angel!  


Jake was enthralled with Egypt after we read about it and had to have me look up hieroglyphics and what the different symbols mean.  The books also have a section in the back that shows where you can read more about the true story from the Bible so you could use these to enhance your Bible study with your kids.


Some parts that I found funny (in a good way) were Mary’s penchant for using karate to get out of trouble and their ability to bring modern things along in the time travel (like flashlights and binoculars).  


There are 2 more books in the series which we will have to get (one is about creation and the other Noah’s Ark).  The boys are really hoping that they write more of these quickly so we can get them!

I was extremely pleased with them.  They were engaging, Biblically accurate and a great asset to your homeschool or just as a great reading book!


I encourage you to check them out and also read the other reviewers’ posts on what they thought of them!



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