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Here it is January 15th already, so half of our first month of a new year has already flown by.  How are you doing with your resolutions?  So far, so good on mine (mostly).  I’ve been exercising daily, keeping my blood sugar in check, reading my Bible daily and working on my other ones.


We started back to homeschool right after New Year’s.  I knew we would be taking time off when the new baby arrives so I decided we would hit it as hard as we could up until then.  When the baby comes I plan on doing a more relaxed schedule such as more audio-books, read-a-louds, art and educational dvds (I ordered 2 from Answers in Genesis called Genesis: Paradise Lost and The Riot and the Dance).  Both are National Geographic style documentaries from a Biblical perspective.  I’m really looking forward to those!  


Jake is daily advancing in his reading!  Hooray!  Its like it just finally started clicking.  All that stuff I’ve read about it being mostly useless to teach them things that they aren’t mentally ready to learn is “starting” to sink in to me.  After all, he is my first to teach 🙁  Both Jake and Gabe love their math program through Math Whizz!  In fact, they argue over who gets to go first, lol.  Jake devours audio-books and we got him a mp4 player for his birthday and loaded it up with stories.  Right now, he’s embroiled in a battle with knights.


Gabe and Lilly are the best of friends (mostly) and get into all kinds of mischief together.  All Gabe has to say is “come on Sissy, lets do this…” and she’s right there and ready.  Sometimes this is not so good,..sigh….


We are all impatiently awaiting the arrival of our newest member-Daisy-Mae-who is due any day now.  I would like that to read “patiently” but it would be a lie, so I won’t write it.  I’m not patient in that area at all!  I can hardly wait to sleep on my stomach again too, hehe. (and actually have my stomach back).


Dennis has been keeping busy building new projects ( and wrestling 3 small children).  He just finished a side-car bed for little Daisy and plans to start work on bunk beds for the boys later this month.  In his spare time he’s been building turkey calls and a knife 🙂


I’ve been alternating between cleaning sprees (nesting) and pure exhaustion.  I also bought an essential oils bundle earlier this month and have been learning so many things about them that I didn’t know before!  I love to learn!  I am planning on working on my certification to becoming a certified aromatherapist later on this year after life settles down again.  My dream is to one day have a small herbal shop where I sell essential oils and herbal products 🙂


So, there you have us!  How are you doing this January?  Feeling a little blue and ready for Spring?  (I sure am!)  Keep your chin up!  Sunny days are ahead.  In the meantime, brew a hot cup of tea, grab a good book and curl up by a cozy fire 🙂  


Psst… I have some really neat reviews coming up in the next few months so don’t forget to check back often!


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