5 Natural Ways I Help Keep My Family Healthy

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Its basically winter here.  Its cold and everyone is staying indoors more.  And I don’t know about you, but everywhere I go I hear sniffles and coughs already 🙁  Yuck!  And though I would love to sometimes just stay home all winter, away from that stuff, I know its not possible.  So, what’s a Mom to do?  I still want to go to holiday get-togethers but I don’t want to bring home the nasties from there, or church, or the store.  Added to that, I’m expecting baby #4 in January and I really don’t want a sick household.  Here are my 5 favorite natural ways to help keep my family healthy.  


(please remember, I’m not a doctor, so I’m just telling you what works for me.  My kids still get sick occasionally , they average about once a year).


1.  Healthy, whole foods!

I try to keep my kids on a mostly healthy diet.  I have relented over the years and allowed more treats when we are out places, but as a general rule we don’t buy processed sugar/flour foods for regular consumption.  We also say no to sugar drinks, regular candy, and most pre-made foods.  In contrast we buy lots of fruit (which our kids inhale), whole grains, raw sweeteners and healthy meats and veggies.  (no my kids aren’t huge veggie fans but they adore fruit, so I don’t stress it).  My rule is 90% healthy and don’t stress about the other 10% too much.


2.  Natural supplements.

I’m not a big conventional vitamin pusher.  For instance, my kids don’t take a daily vitamin!  I want them to get most of their nutrients from healthy foods.  However, I am a huge herbal supplement supporter.  I have seen the benefits so many times to be thoroughly convinced they work well.  A few of my favorites are Elderberry Elixer, (here’s a link for a free guide to keeping your family healthy) cough b gone, vitamin c and an herbal liquid multivitamin.


3.  Essential oils.

I am a huge believer in essential oils!  I have used them in so many situations and seen great results!  I regularly use a germ destroying oil blend in my diffuser.  I also use an immune boosting blend before and after we go places or during seasons of high levels of colds/flus.


4.  Sleep.

I really can’t stress proper rest enough.  This is essential to all of our well-being, I believe.  So, I make naps a mandated part of our day and we try to keep regular earlier bedtimes in the winter months..  We also limit how many activities we take part in to keep from getting overly tired.


5.  Exercise and fresh air.

This is a little harder in winter time but so very important!  Instead of cold, outside air hurting children’s (and adult’s) immune system its actually a wonderful tool for boosting it.  Add in moderate exercise and you are on your way to being healthier.  I make it a point to exercise almost every day and I can tell the difference in my health!


So, there you have it:  my 5 Natural Ways to Help Keep My Family Healthy 🙂  What do you do to help keep you and your family healthy?


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