7 Christmas Gifts for the Homeschool Mom

Jenny/ December 3, 2018/ Thrifty Homeschool Mama Tips & Tricks


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Are homeschool moms a different breed?  Well, maybe not, but there are probably a few quirky traits that a lot of us possess and one might just be the strange gifts we’d like to get.  I’m definitely not a mom who likes knick-knacks and things to collect more dust but I absolutely love useful gifts.  Here would be a few of my top picks:


1.  Laminator.

Ok, this one might be weird, but I would love to have a laminating machine.  I can think of so many homeschool uses for this 🙂  This past year I hand laminated some games for the kids and I tell you it may be frugal to use an iron, but its not much fun 😉


2.  Spiral Binder.

This is on my list of purchases I’m saving for.  It would be so helpful.  While I do have a 3 ring hole punch and multiple binders there is something so nice about a spiral bound book!  


3.  Essential Oils.

Yes, I freely admit this is one of my areas of weakness but oh well!  I use essential oils for so much as a homeschool mom.  I use them for energy (for myself), calming (myself & the kids) and attention aids (kids).  Besides, they just make everything smell so awesome, what’s not to love?


4.  Storage Bins.

Really this one doesn’t need much of an explanation (maybe all moms love this) but nice, tidy storage compartments come in soooo handy when you’re homeschooling.  


5.  Homeschool Mom Bible, Devotionals, Journal & Planner.

These come in so handy for encouragement and just helping a mom to stay on track and organized.  It also keeps her perspective in line with what’s really important!


6.  Subscription to SchoolhouseTeachers.com

This is such a FANTASTIC resource for any homeschool mom!  (shh…it really benefits the entire family too).  She will have access to hundreds of courses, videos and printables (not to mention encouragement & a print magazine).  I love this one!


7.   Subscription to Creation Illustrated.

This is one of my absolute favorite magazines!  It is full of beautiful photographs and has loads of faith-building articles that teach science!  Its a win-win 🙂


So, there you have my list.  I could keep adding, but I did say 7 things.  How about you?  What would you love to have under the Christmas tree this year?




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