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I was given an opportunity to review an e-course by Lisa Tanner Writing called Balancing Diapers & Deadlines. Though I don’t officially have a “home business” I do blog regularly, write reviews for the Crew and Tyndale House Publishing and write courses for I also homeschool and take care of our house and family (3 children under 7) so I do have deadlines to meet and definitely diapers to change (hehe). I was excited to see if there would be beneficial things in this course or just fluff.


First off, I would like to say, even though this title makes you think of only being applicable to moms with young children that is definitely not the case. This course has something for every mom who is attempting to balance more than one thing at a time (the definition of a mom perhaps). It does have so much information in it that IS helpful to moms with young children though, as this is perhaps the most intensive time of child-raising. As I write this, Lilly (almost 2) is sitting on my non-existent 7 months pregnant lap 😉


Lisa does an excellent job with this course. It is broken up into short, text only sections. Two things I love about this: 1. you don’t need a fast internet to watch videos; 2. you don’t need to dedicate a long space of time to reading either. She shares her own struggles and the many things she has learned raising 8 children, homeschooling, homesteading and running a freelance business. She also has baby steps to perform with each action item.


One thing I loved about the course is how real life practical it is. She doesn’t act like you can magically make those little ones be quiet and content for 4 hours a day while you work. She gives down to earth advice for dealing with all sorts of distractions. One thing she stresses is the season of your life. Don’t try to shove too much into an already busy season because you’re setting yourself up for failure!


Here are some of the things I implemented that she suggested. I started alternating days with the kids. That means that one day Jake gets to pick the movie we watch or the food we eat. He also gets to help cook or do special chores that day. The next day its Gabe’s turn and so on. I don’t have this down perfectly but we are working on it. I’m also working on being more organized so my work is ready to go when I have the time and managing my time so much more efficiently.


I want to note that this course is very user friendly and has been incredibly helpful to me. I went through it a little faster than I would have preferred so I could complete my review in a timely manner so I plan to go back through it at a slower pace over the next few months. There are also loads of downloadable products such as a 5 year meal plan! I’m definitely downloading that one 🙂


I am Highly recommending this course to all my mom friends! This is very much worth the small investment you will make in it and will pay back huge dividends in increased productivity both in your home business and in your family life!


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