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Jenny/ October 5, 2018/ Thrifty Homeschool Mama Tips & Tricks


So, as a stay-at-home homeschooling mama I do try to be as frugal as possible with our income (since we are on a decently tight one income).  However, life can really get in the way and sometimes I just get really busy (lazy maybe) and let my financial savvy go by the wayside (ugg!).  This past month though I have been really convicted to get things back on track, rein in our grocery spending and cut any other expenses possible. Here are some of the frugal things I did this week!


1.  Our boys love whole wheat wraps!  They eat them for bread and have meat and cheese wraps, peanut butter wraps, honey wraps and cheese quesadillas .  However this month when we ran out before shopping trip time.  Instead of running to the store for more I googled soaked whole wheat tortillas wraps and hit a home run!  They were so simple and delicious.  The whole family enjoyed them immensely and they will definitely be a regular on our menu.  Money saved:  $6.


2.  I am not a shopper at least in the store.  However, unfortunately I love online shopping.  Its so easy, they have so many choices and its free shipping.  How can you go wrong?  Well, my wallet says I can really go wrong there.  So, I refused to order online this week (except my free delivery of pantry items from Wal-Mart).  Money saved:  $20-$50.


3.  We needed a new coffee pot.  I was shopping for a new one with my grocery shopping order.  We had a tiny one that brewed 4 cups and took 40 minutes to it.  Gotta love hard water!  Anyway, we needed a large one and wanted one that was programmable because Dennis leaves really early during the winter for work.  The ones I found were between $30-$200.  Just as I was beginning to buy the $30 one I saw an ad for a huge sale on a highly recommended one for $13.50.  It had almost 5 star reviews.  I added a two year warranty for $2!  Money saved:  $15.


4.  I ate leftovers at least 6-8 meals this week.  Last Saturday I made a huge pot of chili and cornbread.  We ate that for Sunday lunch and I ate it for several meals this week (so did the boys).  Then I browned more hamburger, drained off the chili broth, added spices and cheese and made burritos with our homemade tortillas wraps.  Money saved $10-$20.


5.  This one is a work in progress.  With our second son I cloth diapered about 80% of the time.  With our 3rd I got super busy and went back to disposables.  Then the other day I decided I would cloth diaper our 4th who is due in January.  And then it hit me, why not finish out Lilly’s diapers with using cloth…So, I started and I know it will save major $$.  Money saved so far (just started, so not any yet ;)).


What are you doing this week to be frugal?  

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