"Forensic Faith for Kids" by David C Cook Review

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We were given an opportunity to review “Forensic Faith for Kids by David C Cook and the Case Makers Academy.  This is a mystery from a real-life detective that will give you and your children a chance to learn how to defend their faith and solve a mystery of a sudden appearance of a very cute puppy.


This book is really fun!  It has lots of illustrations throughout the book.  It also has detective hints that show things real detectives use and explains terms detectives use (like K-9).  It also encourages an investigative approach to the Bible.  Do you know the difference between a “blind faith”, an “unreasonable faith” and a “forensic faith”?  What does it matter?  In this book you’ll find out.  Which one do you think its important to have?  This book will encourage you and your kids to dig deep into what kind of faith you have.


I read this book aloud to the boys, which they enjoyed.  Since its a book that involves a cute puppy how could you go wrong?  They didn’t want me to stop reading even when my voice was getting tired.  Its definitely not a dull read and we used it for devotional time.


It also involves a young girl who needs to explain to her friend (and herself) how we can know that Jesus is really God.  I think this is something all Christians can relate to.  Do we simply tell the person that they just have to trust it?  Or is there a way to actually show a “forensic faith” which really means faith based on evidence.  In one section you will look up John 14:11 which says (Jesus speaking here) “Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father is in me, or else believe me for my very works’ sake”.  He’s clearly telling us yes we should trust in Him, but He has shown us hard evidence to prove He is in the Father and the Father is in Him.


I think you will be challenged to really think about your beliefs and also to make certain we don’t pass our duty to actually know the scriptures because we are lazy.  Its very tempting to pass the buck to another teacher or pastor or Christian but while its certainly ok to seek help we should be ready to give an answer to every man of the hope that lies within us!


It also comes with access to the Case Makers Academy which is an online program that has extra content such as videos (short ones, about 5-8 minutes each), fun activities to download and complete and more in-depth reading comprehension worksheets.  Every chapter comes with extras to complete either solo or as a family.  Its a great tool to get more discussion going!


I also wanted to mention that there are other books to get your brain to thinking like a detective. “Cold Case Christianity for Kids”, “God’s Crime Scene for Kids” “Cold Case Christianity” and God’s Crime Scene”.  


So, if you’re wanting to take you and your children to the next level of Biblical Christianity I highly recommend this book!  Don’t forget to check out the other reviews at the link below!




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