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Jenny/ May 8, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews


As you know, I absolutely adore good books and when I was given the chance to review Kayla Jarmon @ http://kaylajarmon.com/books/ and 3 of her pdf books I was excited!  The books we were able to review were “A Boy and His Dog”, “Dying Is Part of This World”, and “Don’t Forget Me”.  


The first one we read was “A Boy and His Dog”.  This is so sweet!  Jake absolutely loved it!  As the title implies it follows a young boy and his dog through their day.  I loved the illustrations in it and the love between the boy and his dog reminded me of my dogs and me when I was a kid!  Super cute and I would love to see this one in hard copy.


“Don’t Forget Me” is the story of a baby in the womb having conversations with God.  I love this one!  The Lord is always with the baby and reminding him to not forget him.  The baby goes from a single cell to being born and meeting his father and mother.  This would be a fantastic book to start explaining to your children about conception, birth and the sanctity of life.  I think that if they would put this in hard copy it would be a wonderful resource to leave with crisis pregnancy centers, hospitals ect…  It has scripture references throughout it which I also appreciate!  


The last book we read was “Dying Is Part of This World”.  This is about a conversation a young girl is having with her mommy about her fear of her mommy dying.  I think we can all relate to this.  Dying seems like it is the most scary thing that can possibly happen to us!  This book explains dying, heaven and rebirth in a wonderful way!  I highly recommend this as a resource to help your child understand death.  It also brings out the message of salvation and the need to avoid the “second death”!  It has discussion questions at the end of each chapter and I feel like these are extremely beneficial!  Even if your child hasn’t started talking about these things they will be impacted by death at some point and this would help prepare them.  Again, she uses scripture references throughout the book!


These books are unapologetically from a Christian viewpoint and I really appreciate that!  I like her style of writing and the beautifully illustrated pages.  Both “A Boy and His Dog” and “Don’t Forget Me” have illustrations on basically every page.  “Dying Is Part of This World” has less illustrations but way more words!  I would really love to see all 3 of these in printed copy and would definitely add them to my library!  They are also working on audio drama for each of these books so that would be helpful also.


I’m very pleased with Kayla’s books and love her perspective on the topics she addressed!  I look forward to seeing more books from her!


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