A Review of Heirloom Audio's Wulf the Saxon audio-adventure

Jenny/ February 19, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

 I am so excited to be reviewing Heirloom Audio’s Productions Wulf the Saxon Audio Adventure!  Do your kids love adventures?  Mine sure do and they are constantly sword-fighting, climbing mountains, capturing outlaws and rescuing maidens in distress (usually their sister) so this adventure was right up our alley!  I’m usually the kind of person who would rather read a good book than listen to one, but this one captured and held my interest through the whole thing!


These audio-adventures are amazing quality and the voice actors are so talented!  You feel transported into the time era and the sound effects are truly stunning! This has 2 physical cd’s and  the adventure lasts approximately 2 hours.  This is perfect for car trips or when your kids need some quiet sit down time.  Though you may find as I did that they act out the parts while listening!

This thrilling tale follows Wulf who is an aide to an Earl.  The Earl is deeply in love with a common lady which will never be approved by the King.  She is a true lady though who gives wise advice throughout the drama.


When we first meet Wulf he is an impetuous 16 year old lad who gets into trouble early on and is sent home to the country to the lands his family oversees to learn patience, discretion and how to handle his one-day estates.  He spends a year there much to his advantage and greatly improves his character.


The Earl is very pleased with his improvement and returns him to service, where he quickly excels at everything he does and soon becomes the most trusted aide and companion. 


In one foray the Earl and his men are shipwrecked and then taken captive.  Wulf and his companion escape and are able to procure the release of the Earl with the help of some new friends.   You will soon see intrigue, trickery and betrayal.  You will also get a glimpse of feelings growing between Wulf and a beautiful young lady, Lady Agnes.


He becomes loyal friends with her father, the Baron, and her brother and goes on to fight side by side with them against the Welsh.  Wulf distinguishes himself in every battle and grows in wisdom and bravery.


At the risk of spoiling the drama, let me say Wulf goes onto become top aide and advisor to the king and defender of the King.  There is romance, intrigue, betrayal, sacrificial love and a happy ending.  All with an emphasis on Christ and courageous men and women!


I would highly encourage you to try this out!  It teaches history to your children without them even realizing they are learning.  They also have a Live the Adventure Club where you will automatically get new releases mailed to you and you have access to extras such as study guides that you can download from their site.


This company has done such a splendid job with the G.A. Henty novels and I’m looking forward to each new release.  I think if you try them you & your children will be hooked!  Be sure to read the other reviews linked below!




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