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Jenny/ October 22, 2022/ Homeschool Reviews

So now I have 3 kids I homeschool. My 8 and 5 year olds are both doing CTCMath. My 11 year old prefers his math on paper and that’s fine too. We’re all different. But here’s a great homeschool math program to check out if

1. your child likes computer work

2. You have internet access

3. You have multiple children and need a great, affordable option

4. You need and open and go math program that you don’t need to interact much with.

5. You need a homeschool math program that keeps records for you.

So we have used CTCMath for several years now. Here’s what I love about it:

It’s super parent friendly. I mean really, you don’t have to be a math person to teach this way at all. Every lesson has a short video to explain it. The lessons are animated. My kids like the bright colors and the lessons. For the most part I don’t need to be involved too much with their lessons. The only issue I have is sometimes the lesson might outpace their ability. For example on the lesson with months of the year my 5 year old can’t independently spell the months. So I write them in order on the board.

There are printable PDF files for each lesson. So on the counting to 100 I print the chart off for my kids. Though they do show one on the screen it helps my kids to be able to actually put their finger on the number.

The lessons are short and on average you’ll do 10 questions. But you can do more if you want them to. I really like this approach because if a child has a concept down there isn’t a reason to waste extra time on it.

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Homeschool Math Record Keeping

So CTCMath has the easiest record keeping ever! It does it all for you. Grades, lessons and as your child completes each unit they earn awards and printable certificates. Its easy to see at a glance what they need to complete and you can also set up lessons that they need to complete on there. I honestly don’t do this as we just go from one lesson to the next. But if your children were working completely independently this would be a big help!

Homeschool math

I also really like that you can go to any level you want at any time for each child. This is HUGE if your child is either gifted in math or needs more time (or needs to go back in some areas). There’s no extra charge if yoyr children finish more than one level a year also!

The only negative in my opinion is the need for internet so on days our internet isn’t working correctly we do something else. Overall I consider CTCMath an excellent value and a wonderful quality Math program for your homeschool!

disclaimer: I received this product gor my fair and honest review. I was not required to give a positive review or compensated in any other way for it.

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