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Jenny/ February 20, 2021/ Homeschool Reviews

I had heard of The Great Courses but had never tried them. I’ve been wanting to but honestly couldn’t decide on which ones I wanted most so when I got the opportunity to review their yearly streaming service where you can access ALL courses for one very modest fee I was super excited! I thought this would be absolutely perfect for homeschool families looking to enhance their learning in TONS of different areas🌞

How to enhance learning with The Great Courses…

First off, this is an online service. You can access it from a web browser or from an appointment on your phone or tablet. I used both my desktop and phone and both worked equally well. A super awesome feature of the app is you can download the courses either on audio or video to listen or watch when there’s no internet!

We have been using this for about 6 weeks and have already viewed lessons from courses on guitar, drawing, brain development, outdoor cooking and Native American history. I honestly couldn’t tell you how many different courses there are because there are SO many! The only issue I have had is trying to decide between them because there is such a tremendous variety. And the quality is fantastic!

enhance learning

These are in “lecture” format but are anything but boring! Right now my 10 year old son is enthralled with the Outdoor Cooking course by the Culinary Institute. These are incredibly well done and you get to watch the chef as he prepares food step by step. The video quality is wonderful and highly professional.

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The Great Courses Plus is truly an EXCELLENT addition to your homeschool program! These are college quality courses but everyone can enjoy and learn from them in the comfortable setting of your home! I am extremely pleased at how well each concept or skill is explained in detail. For example the beginning guitar takes you through each individual step assuming that you know nothing about the guitar which makes it perfect for kids. And the great part is you can pause, rewind or skip as needed.

Whether you’re a homeschooling mom, dad or kid i highly encourage you to check this program out (pass. There’s a free trial!) I think you’ll be as impressed as we were with the ability to enhance learning with such a great tool as The Great Courses Plus!

Don’t forget to check back because we’ll be posting more reviews as we complete more programs!

Disclaimer: I received this for my fair and honest review. I was not compensated in other way or required to make a positive review! I only recommend what I love!

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