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Jenny/ September 23, 2020/ Homeschool Reviews

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor compensated in any other way.

We received a year of access to the Little Wonders Preschool from Wisdom Wonder Project. This is a completely online curriculum especially designed to encourage wonder and exploration in your little ones. All the lessons are downloadable though books and materials are your responsibility.

I’m going to up-front and honest here. This curriculum has a LOT of potential! We loved the books that were being read and the creative play. During this month we made playdough, experimented with shapes and colors and used blocks to create unique things.

Lilly was making block patterns in the sand. One of the activities is making them in playdough which we did also but sand is even more fun!

This curriculum could get pricey, however we figured out different ways to do it on the cheap! First, we watched the books being read on YouTube. This a fun, free way to read children’s books 🙂 For the sake of this review we were able to access both Pre-K and Kindergarten downloads. So we watched each of the books listed and my kids love doing that!

The curriculum does list all the materials you could use and even gives you links for high quality, affordable materials. We just used what we had here to make this more cost-effective and I imagine its what many parents of young children would do 🙂

what I like about this preschool curriculum…

Wisdom Wonder is all about enjoying teaching and learning with your child. Its mean to incite “wonder” and light up their eyes. It shouldn’t be stressful or a chore to let little ones learn. I completely agree with this! I hear people ask all the time, “what preschool curriculum should I use?” Well, honestly, if you’re going to to use one, this is fantastic!

It is set up as downloadable pdf files each month. You buy a subscription and get to download 1 per month. We got to do a bit more as a reviewer so I’ll try to compare the three I downloaded for you:

How this preschool curriculum works:

The setup on Pre-K, Jr. K and K are all the same. There is a section at the beginning explaining how to use this curriculum. Then materials are listed along with books. After the book is read (or in our case, watched) then there are activities to do and questions to discuss.

Pre-K is obviously on a younger level and they become more advanced but play and exploration is focused on. Block play is especially focused on because its supposed to really help with math development.

You may choose to print off the lessons or just read them on your screen after you download them. (That’s what we did). With this program you have the flexibility to move up and down as your family needs. The lessons are divided into block play, little masters and literature with several activities in each. The block play focuses on learning through building blocks, little masters is about art and the literature focuses on books 🙂

So what do I NOT like about this curriculum?

I guess in everything there’s something that could be improved on so one thing I think would be super helpful would be to combine levels and just give the options for each one. For example, read the book then provide the lists of activities for each level so multiple ages could be taught at the same time. Not only would this be more cost effective for larger families but also more mama friendly.

who is this preschool curriculum great for?

In my opinion this curriculum is GREAT for a first time mama who wants to start homeschooling but is unsure what to teach her littles. This is PERFECT for that! It also sets a firm foundation for the children to love to learn which is super important to me!

We all reviewed different things and levels so be sure and check out this link below!

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