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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor compensated in any other way.

We received 4th Grade- Building Life Castles from Positive Action Bible Curriculum for review this summer. It is a complete hardcopy Bible study curriculum with student and teacher’s manual. This is the 4th edition of this Bible curriculum.

What does this Bible curriculum look like?

This is an excellent Bible curriculum with a very in-depth study being done. My son Jake is “technically” in the 4th grade (we don’t actually do grades but for the sake of this). He’s almost 10 and this was perfect for him. There is a teacher’s manual in a 3-ring binder. The student workbook is in a flexible workbook.

There is Bible reading to do which was the perfect opportunity for Jake to learn how to find chapter and verse in the references and readings.

Each week’s study has Bible reading broken up into very manageable chunks and then questions are about each section of verses. The questions are fill in the blank, complete the sentence, puzzles ECT…

The teacher manual gives the teacher detailed instructions on how to teach, how to structure the lessons based on the days using it and extra details regarding each lessons time frame ECT… The teacher’s manual is reusable and if you needed to use this with multiple ages at once I think it could be adjusted. The workbook is consumable so one is required for each child.

What I like about this Bible study:

Quite honestly there’s a lot to like about this Bible study! The sessions are short but to the point. They aren’t too technical or deep for a 4th grader but at the same time they aren’t fluff and the usual “Bible stories”. I believe that overall this study will encourage a young person to really dig deeper and mature.

What I didn’t like…

Ok so in anything there is usually something you don’t like, but I really can’t find something in this one I don’t like. The only thing that could make it more user friendly to big families would be easier ways to combine multiple ages, possibly with options for ages 6-8 or 8-10 or even elementary and high school. I know it can be difficult to use a Bible curriculum that only specifically caters to one age at a time.

How we used this Bible study in our homeschool:

We used this approximately 3 days a week in our homeschool. As a general rule we try to do our Bible reading/study first thing in the mornings. Jake liked this pretty good except honestly he isn’t crazy about anything that requires fill in the blank😝 He really enjoyed it when we took turns reading the Bible passages and I would ask him the questions orally. As with anything when you’re homeschooling its perfectly fine to tweak the curriculum so that it works for your family!

I do recommend you check out this curriculum and click the link below to read more reviews!

Building Life Castles {Positive Action Bible Curriculum Reviews}
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