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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor compensated in any other way.

We were privileged to get to give a review of a 4th Grade Entire Homeschool Curriculum from Homeschool Easy. This is from a parent’s perspective and will give you an in-depth view so you can see if this is a good choice for you!

First of all this curriculum covers all core subjects. Their goal is to cut through the fluff and get back to the basics and ultimately build a solid educational base for your children.

It covers Grammar, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, History and Science. You get to download the entire program at once and can then easily print all worksheets as needed. Reprinting is super simple and this is a fantastic way to save money because you can reuse it with each child. This program is for an entire year of homeschooling and is 32 weeks of instruction!

What do you get?

Downloadable pdf files, access to any other needed materials like Encyclopedia Britannica (you get a code emailed to you for free access) and any links for online videos.

Reading uses chapter books for comprehension and vocabulary words. They give you a list of all the books used so you can buy or borrow. They definitely looked like something my 9 year old son would enjoy. (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, for example). Each set of chapters has questions, new words and more to learn.

Spelling has new word lists each week, flashcards, fill in the blank worksheets, word searches and crossword puzzles. My 9 year old loves word searches!!

Grammar focuses on building their grammar knowledge one step at a time and starts with sentences. There are daily worksheets and flashcards to help your child learn easily.

Math is all about learning traditional math and number sense with daily worksheets, manipluatives and flashcards.

History is all about American history and learning patriotism. There are online videos and online encyclopedias that correspond with worksheets. There are also included projects.

Science is grouped by monthly subjects. Again there are daily worksheets and online videos and encyclopedias. There are art projects and experiments!

Writing will focus on learning how to write in fun and creative ways! Its practiced in all the subjects plus there is a writing assignment each month.

Why would you choose this Homeschool Easy curriculum?

This is fantastic if you want something to print and go! Or if you are a new homeschooled and uncertain about what you’re doing this would be perfect for you. With this program you don’t have to worry about missing something. Its also great for those on a budget because its priced at $100!! And it would be super easy to combine multiple children in this one program just by tweaking it a bit. Plus because its a digital download you can reuse as much as you need to!

There are curriculums available for multiple grade levels so you can easily choose the one that works for your family.

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