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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor compensated in any other way.

If you subscribe at all to the Charlotte Mason method of learning then you know creating art is a big part of it! That’s why I was excited to review Artistic Pursuits INC and their The Way They SEE It, A Book for Every Parent About the Art Children Make. This is a book for the parents of preschoolers. It is non-consumable and spiral bound. Its super easy to use and right at 90 pages long. It’s paperback but the front and back have protective plastic clear covers that are durable.

Guess what? You can get FREE video lessons for beginning drawing students! And they now have Online Courses available for all their K-3 books!

Who this book is for…parents of preschoolers

If you have preschoolers this book is specifically designed for you! However I also used ideas from this book for my 3, 6 and 9 year olds. This book is really fantastic because it teaches the parent to understand their child’s art and helps you encourage their creativity instead of accidentally stifling it. (Oops, I realized I was really guilty on that part after reading this book).

Anyway each chapter is setup to be user friendly. It has a section for parents, an application part and picture study. Lilly absolutely loved studying the pictures! She especially liked the flower ones.

I was also encouraged to learn that my children’s artwork was normal. After reading the story about her niece’s son working for hours to complete a project then demolishing it I had to completely relate. My kids do this all the time and it really frustrated me. This made me realize it was about the creating not the end product.

I love the picture studies in this book! There is a broad range from still life to abstract. Lilly was very picky about the pictures she liked. We also are learning more and more to truly see in nature. I’ve been challenging the kids to see the different colors and textures when we are outside. Yesterday we did a cloud watching activity and they told me all the colors that they saw in the sky. It was neat to listen as their opinions changed from “the sky is blue” to “oh its white and gray and blue and sometimes pink”.

I was also extremely challenged to start reading the kids picture books and allowing them to fully focus on the pictures even if we didn’t finish the story. This had frustrated me previously but when I started doing it differently we all enjoyed it so much more!

Gabe’s artwork

After reading this book for preschoolers I was intrigued to see how they develop through the use of art. Its incredible to see how God has designed us to love and appreciate art and also feel driven to produce it ourselves (though it may look different for each person).

Lilly’s artwork

We have had the privilege of reviewing several other products from Artistic Pursuits in the past such as Art in America and Art for Children. I have always been super pleased with the quality and content they’ve provided. I highly recommend this company for your homeschool art study. And honestly this book is one of my very favorites!

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