Journey Through the Code, Entry #8

Jenny/ February 17, 2020/ Homeschool Reviews

Hello, if you’re just joining us we are taking an entrepreneurial trip! We are working our through The Kingdom Code which teaches kids to start and maintain a business. You can read our other parts starting at Part #1.

The Kingdom Code Journal Entry

This was our favorite so far! We got to learn about bookkeeping. This entailed learning about income, expenses, profit and loss and how to keep a ledger.

This was the PERFECT way for me to incorporate Jake’s practical math and this course! He actually really enjoyed doing that. This will serve him so well throughout life.

He also learned all about being organized, which we both agreed was an area he needs to work on. Of course, truthfully, so do I!

Would you like to try this awesome program out with your kids? I have a special code for 10% off! Use code 10TKC21 Don’t forget this is all from a Biblical perspective!

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