5 HUGE Reasons You’re Gonna Want to Save Money!

Jenny/ January 17, 2020/ Thrifty Homeschool Mama Tips & Tricks

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I hate to start a blog post this way but some of you may be reading these and thinking…exactly why would I want to go to all this trouble to save money? I mean, honestly its a lot more fun to SPEND than SAVE, people!

Yeah, exactly why would you want to save money? Oh, I’m glad you asked! Here are so many great reasons why you want to curb that spending habit.

Reason #1…Life equals uncertainty…

You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Yep, we don’t like to think about it but we have absolutely no idea what the future holds for us. In our minds nothing bad happens and we have a stable, easy life. But for so many people that is simply not a reality. So what should you do?

Well the Bible says we aren’t to worry about the future but instead be wise amd behave wisely. I can think of a few ways this could play out. Scenario 1…you and your spouse both work and decide to go $200,000 in debt for a new home. You can afford that with both of you working, right? But then something happens. Maybe you decide to start a family and the mom wants to stay home now. Uh oh! Now you’re in deep trouble! You don’t have a ton of options at this moment. You could sell your home and downsize possibly or get a higher paying job possibly. But those might not work! And what if you’ve incurred more debts like vehicle, student loans and consumer debt. You are STUCK!

What if instead, they had not borrowed money but instead save money until they could buy or build a modest home debt free? What if they had conditioned themselves to living on one income and saving the other? What if they had denied themselves some material things early on in order to reap huge benefits later?

I think this is exactly what the Bible is talking about. Nope we can’t predict the future but we can make wise, far-reaching decisions that will be a blessing no matter what happens.

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#2 Reason You want to be saving INSTEAD of spending everything…

You won’t be in bondage to your things. This could go along with number 1 and honestly all of these tie together! But who wants to be a servant to their truck or new tv? I mean really, are those things THAT important? Not to me!

I enjoy nice things and I’m completely addicted to essential oils (but i digress here) but if I’m constantly buying, buying, buying all I’m doing is working for things. Guess what? One day all those things will.be.gone. Yep, dumpster bound!

I’ve had to be a part of house cleanings for several relatives who passed away and I can tell you its not fun going through gazillions of trinkets. Most of them end up in the trash. All those things that people coveted and worked long hours for…trash…think about that for awhile.

No, there isn’t anything wrong with buying new things or enjoying money but stop and think, do I really need this? Is this going to add to my life or take away in terms of stress, clutter or financial strain? The truth is, most of us have too much stuff!

My 3rd reason to save money…

You want to have flexibility to make decisions and help others. No, I may never be a millionaire. (I might, you never know I guess) But its my goal to one day be financially stable enough to buy a farm. Yes that’s a huge dream of mine. But I don’t want to pay for it for 30 years. NO WAY! That just sounds so stressful I don’t really want to think about it😳

So I’m saving now and spending less. Will I ever get my farm? I think so but even if I don’t, I have an amazing life and God has blessed me tremendously. I’m happy and content here. However that doesn’t mean I’m just sitting, doing nothing! I am actively saving for our kids. Not so they can go to college on my money or have everything they want, but instead so they can have a nest egg to start out their adult life on.

It might be a small inheritance in some people’s book but I think if used rightly it will be a great blessing to them! One of ours already dreams of running his own business, so who knows? This may be his business start up costs! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I also want to be able to give when I see a need. This can come in many different forms. One way I love to give is with my kids outgrown clothes. I COULD resell them on EBay (especially if money was super tight) and I have resold them. But I love when instead I can freely give them to someone who appreciates them. See I’ve been in the position of being blessed by others that way and it is FANTASTIC! It makes my heart happy when I can do the same for someone else💞

Reason to Save Money #4

It reduces your stress load! I don’t know about you, but I don’t need ANY MORE STRESS in my life! I have plenty, thank you very much. And though stress is unavoidable in some ways when I get too much it overloads my mind and body and I CRASH! Not good!

And money is a HUGE stressor for me. If I’m stressed about money I don’t sleep well and I think about it ALL.NIGHT.LONG. yuck! Its just not worth it to me quite honestly.

But when I have a sound financial plan in place and I know I have money set back for bills and emergencies then my stress is reduced and my life is calmer! And no its not that I’m financially perfect or that I get it right all the time because I don’t! I mess up and overspend more times then I like to remember but my overarching goal of saving money helps tide me through those times.

Remember…Savings don’t have to be huge to add up!

So many times you tend to think if you can’t save hundreds or thousands of dollars each month that its simply not worth the trouble. That is SO not true! Every little drop eventually fills a bucket. And while I might not be a millionaire when I’m 40, I can still save enough to buy a vehicle debt free or go on a vacation that doesn’t depend on credit cards.

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How do you start saving when you don’t have extra to save? Its simple to do (though not necessarily easy). Cut out the little things that way your money up with nothing to show for it. You know what I’m talking about…the snacks at the convenient store, the daily coffee habit, the movie rentals, the meals out. They all add up big time!

So, why not put it to work the other way? If You can spend $100 each month on this stuff then you can save $100 each month. And that adds up BIG! $1200 a year is no chump change😜 What could you do with $1200? Pay off a debt, go on a trip or tuck it into an emergency fund?

You have to get into a mindset that even small steps take you somewhere. Ask my little 1 year old hehe😂😂. She takes short steps right now but because she has perseverance and determination on her side she can get ANYWHERE she sets her mind to going! And in SHORT order, people! She simply believes in her ability to accomplish things. Even when she falls down it doesn’t deter her. Even when she gets told no, it doesn’t deter her. She is PERSISTENT. And that’s exactly what we have to be on this journey of financial freedom.

So what if we have a tough month where we have unexpected expenses press up a little. Keep going, keep trying to save money , keep trying to reduce expenses. You will get there but you must keep going.

And while you’re going, stop and evaluate where you’re wanting to get. Its probably not a great ultimate goal to just be rich. I mean, really what does that accomplish in the long run? Instead could you be able to live freely, start a business or give more? Are you wanting to retire earlier or travel? Those are awesome goals that will add true value to your life instead of mindlessly acquiring things.

Anyway I hope this has given you lots of food for thought. I hope that this will be an encouragement to get saving! And if you’re wondering how you can start read my post 5 Super Simple Ways to Cut Your Spending!

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