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When we were given the opportunity to review and have a personalized video made from CrossTimber-Name Meaning Gifts I was perplexed as to which child to choose to have a Your Amazing Name – Personalized Adventures for EVERY name! .  It sounded like something all our kids would enjoy.  How to choose??? We chose Gabe because his birthday was in just a few weeks!

 First of all, this was one of the most unique things we have gotten to review so far!  And the company (which is a homeschool family) did a fabulous job making this for us!  


Basically, they take your child’s name, personalized artwork and picture to make an individualized movie for them (kind of in the style of Veggie Tales).  I thought this was such a fantastic idea!


It starts with your child’s name displayed on the screen and introduces you to a pencil named “Benjamin” or “Ben”.  He’s going to take your child on a space adventure via his own artwork.  So, we were responsible for sending in artwork from our child, along with any pictures of them you want on there!  We also wrote an individualized letter to Gabe telling how special he was to us and how God had blessed us with him. They read this to him in the movie!


We get to fly in a spaceship made from a picture Gabe drew and meet several stars, who make certain to tell us they all have special names because God has called them all by name. Throughout the movie God’s Word is quoted!


After the stars, we meet Mr. Owl who hilariously makes puns and imparts his wisdom to us.  He gives us the origin of Gabe’s name, which is Hebrew. 


Next, we travel to meet a lamb, who was lost but now is found. I have to say, they did an excellent job of mixing Bible stories into this movie. It’s so cute and entertaining but it also has a fantastic message!


We finally find out the meaning of Gabe’s name which is “God is my strength, God is my strong man, God’s man, a hero of God.”. Wow!  


I was so pleased with the quality of this movie. It lasted about 30 minutes and all our children LOVED it!  In fact, the other 2 begged to have their own!  And yes, we are going to do that for them. It was so cute to watch Gabe’s face as he watched it for the first time!  He couldn’t believe that this movie was made just for him.  It was incredibly special to him.  Since then, we have watched it numerous times!


A few notes…we did get the downloadable version. There is another option with an actual DVD. They included several PDF worksheets with fun things to do (such as name mazes, copy-work, coloring ECT).


I am highly pleased with this company and recommend itas a wonderful, unique present for the children in your life!  They also have several add-ons available such as a name plaque!


Oh, here’s a giveaway to enter!


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