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Do you need an easy way to teach your children (or yourself) Spanish?  Jake has been wanting to learn Spanish so when we were given the opportunity to review Excelerate SPANISH he was really excited!  We got to review the complete Excelerate SPANISH Streaming which is a completely online program that includes all the videos from Spanish 1 & 2 but did not include the workbooks. That was fine with us because we were good with just learning at a relaxed pace!







So, how does this program work?


1.  First off, it is completely online!   We used it early each morning because that’s when our internet is best.  Gotta love that rural internet!


2.  It is videos where the teacher is actually teaching a class of children how to learn Spanish.  My son liked that.  He actually loved these videos.


3.  Each video is a lesson and is about 30 minutes long.  We did approximately 2 videos (or lessons) a week.  If you had the workbooks I would say 1 lesson would last a week (depending of course on how fast you want to work through them and how thoroughly).


4.  She writes the new words on a board with the definition beside them.


5.  Then for each word she gives motions.  I think this is part of what makes her program so effective!  It utilizes multiple parts of the brain at once by solidifying the word with a body motion.


6.  In the videos she does give the children work to do in their workbooks. If you don’t have the workbooks you can still follow along, as we did!


7.  We didn’t do this yet, but it would be very beneficial to write the words that she does each week down in a notebook and practice them throughout the week.


How we used this program:


We watched 1-2 videos per week. Right now we are starting Lesson 9.  


Jake did the motions with the teacher and students.  He thought these videos were really funny & learned an amazing amount of Spanish just from his watching the videos and doing the motions!


My plans are to actually start keeping a notebook of the Spanish words and their English definitions.  I may also add in the body motion, so we can practice together each week.  I may start doing this 2 days a week.


I think I will also check into the workbooks and see if I might add those in, I do think they would be beneficial as they have practice for each story she tells.


 I’d like to also say these are super easy to access!  You simply create your account and access the lessons by clicking the “Spanish 1 or Spanish 2” then the number lesson you want.


The teacher does an excellent job of getting the students (including your own) involved in the process!  She makes it fun and funny so they are eager to participate!


I’m very pleased with this program & if you’re wanting to start Spanish with your kids, I highly recommend it!


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