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As a mom of an 8, 5, 2 and 5 month old I’m going to have lots of opportunities to teach reading, so I was especially excited to get to review a program from Learning Dynamics called Learning Dynamics Reading Program. This is a complete phonics program for ages 3-8! I used it with my 5 and 2 year old. (My older son also practiced on the advanced books).

Gabe and Lilly have both been showing tremendous interest in reading so this was a perfect fit for our family. It’s advertised as having your child be able to read their first book in 4 weeks! How awesome is that?


What it contains:


  • Teacher’s manual


  • Student workbook


  • Reading books


  • Flashcards


  • Online training videos


  • Songs for each letter and the entire alphabet






How we used it:


  • First off, we are loving this program! The kids actually ask to listen to the songs for the fun of it and both kids have memorized them. I have to admit, so have I. In fact, I find myself singing them at the oddest times. Moms and Dad’s, you understand this, I’m sure!

  • We just listen to the songs at some point every day. You would not believe how much my 2 year old has picked up from them, it’s pretty incredible!

  • Then we review the letters we’ve learned already by using the flashcards. The kids like the flashcards because they have cute pictures on them!

  • The teacher manual has a funny little story for each letter that uses a lot of words that start with the letter you’re studying. Lilly has learned so many words already that start with a certain letter already and so has Gabe!  He is making association with letter sound and word beginning which he wasn’t doing previously. 

  • The student book has practice for writing each letter and a little practice spot for choosing which pictures start with the specific letter.

  • Gabe has already read the first two readers in the first series. After several letters are learned they start blending and go straight to reading their first book which really builds their confidence. Gabe was so proud of being able to read those books!  

  • The kids actually enjoyed me just reading the reading books to them!  They thought the stories were cute and funny 🙂  There are about 50 books altogether.  

  • There are also online training videos if you need extra help!


This program has really exceeded my expectations!  It comes in a handy little reusable box so it stores nicely. There aren’t a bunch of huge, bulky items you have to find a place for. Everything it contains is very useful!  It also has flashcards for word groups based on blends (we haven’t gotten to those yet). The readers go from very simple to pretty complex words and actual small paragraphs, so you can use these for quite some time!


If you need to teach your kids phonics or have a child that needs a review and a more solid reading foundation this program is a fantastic way to do it!


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