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Jenny/ June 25, 2019/ Thrifty Homeschool Mama Tips & Tricks

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So, you’re on a tight budget this year in your homeschool and you’re wondering how to make this work.  Can you really give your children a quality education on a low income?  Yes, yes and yes! Read on to find out how to Charlotte Mason on a Budget!

Here’s how to homeschool Charlotte Mason style on a budget:

The Charlotte Mason Method is your friend when it comes to schooling on a meager budget. Why?  Simply because you can use living books and real life experiences to teach pretty much everything!  How awesome is that?

Practical examples of Charlotte Mason homeschooling:

  • Now, all this sounds super simple and great but how does it really work?  Want to teach living history?  Use biographies that excite your kids and bring real meaning to their work. You can purchase these from companies such as YWAM, download e-books or visit the library.
  • Teaching nature study in science?  I have used e-books from Amazon for $1-$3 each for great nature study resources.  You can also check out books from your local library. Some I recommend are “Animals I Have Known”, “Burgess Book of Birds”, “A Handbook of Nature Study”.

  • You can also subscribe to Creation Illustrated and use the many learning resources they have in each magazine!

  • I cannot recommend too much the books from Karen Andrealo on Charlotte Mason. They are a wonderful bargain you will use over and over! Check out my review HERE!

  • View paintings online for free as your picture study.

  • Listen to famous musical compositions online for free!  SmartKidz Radio is another great free resource you can sign up for.

  • Visit local reenactments to learn living history or interview grandparents or an older person to learn history from a first-hand observer.

  • Teaching reading?  Just teach from the books you have on hand or if you can, grab some older readers such as Cowboy Sam (these are actually available in e-book format too).  You can also utilize the library for beginning readers.

  • I would be very neglectful if I failed to brag on SchoolhouseTeachers in this area!  They have an awesome section dedicated solely to Charlotte Mason homeschooling. So, for one low yearly fee you can homeschool your entire family!

  • I used the Living Math for my boys and bought the digital version for under $30/year. You can reprint as needed for your family, so you buy it once and can reuse it over and over!  Fantastic bargain!

So, these are some amazing, easy ways to give your children a great, comprehensive education on the cheap!  Let me know if you try them or what you do instead!

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