5 Christmas Gifts for Kids You Won't Regret

Jenny/ November 10, 2018/ Family Life

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Christmas is coming!  Its actually only a little over a month away!  And what to get the kids?  I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want a repeat of several years where I get caught up in a buying hype and think I “have” to get them a certain amount of gifts and they all have to be toys.  While ther is nothing “wrong” with toys they quickly lose their appeal and the money we spend on them is rarely worth it.  So, this year my plans are different.  We’re doing 1 toy per child, 1-2 items of clothing, and books.  Here’s some great ideas for Christmas gifts you won’t regret after the wrapping paper is thrown away!


1.  Toys:

We all know toys are fun!  But too many toys just clutter up our homes and make our kids bored and feel entitled to more.  But can we still buy toys and avoid this issue?  I think we can if we plan ahead.  Buy toys like building blocks.  These are hours of fun and they learn really great skills with them also. You can even teach math, sorting, colors ect…



 2.  Books:

Ok, this is definitely a weakness of mine!  I LOVE books!  That means I love reading books and buying books too 🙂  But they are something that your kids will enjoy over and over.  Get good quality books and they will last for years.

 3.  Clothing & Footwear:

So, you may think this is boring for kids but it can be a really awesome gift!  Get them something that they usually wouldn’t get (like work overalls or new cowboy boots).  

 4.  Audio Books:

These are one of my favorite things to buy for my kids!  There are so many options with this one.  You can get something for younger kids like “Curious George” or “Treasure Island” for your older ones.  You can also get dramatized audio adventures.

  5.  Educational Dvds:

This might sound dull, but its definitely NOT!  You can do so much with this gift!  Get them movies that teach living history, or fun science (Magic Schoolbus, anyone?) or Math & Reading.  They won’t even realize they are learning they’ll be having so much fun!

   So there are my ideas for a no-guilt Christmas list for your kiddoes!  You can also show this to the family and friends who like to fill your floors with plastic (lol).  What about you?  What are you doing for gifts this Christmas?

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