Brinkman Adventures "Season 6: Underground Rising" Review

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 Do you (or your kids) love audio adventures?  How about ones that teach history in a fun, engaging way?  We were given the chance to review Brinkman Adventures and their new series titled Season 6: Underground Rising and were totally enthralled with it!


I absolutely love history and these are about the underground group of people who helped to defy the Nazis and shuttle Jews to safety from the first hand account of someone who went through it and is telling it to a younger generation.  The sound effects and quality is wonderful!  We’ll also travel and join the Free Burma Rangers as they go on a very daring rescue mission to save a Burmese village from an army bent on destroying them!


So, anyway, you can read the description easily enough on their link.  The real review comes from what we learned and how we used this awesome resource!  First of all, Jake (7) loved these!  He became so interested in missionaries after listening to them.  In fact, he’s getting quite interested in perhaps becoming one after he grows up.  Of course that is many years down the road, but life goes by quickly and the preparation you make as a child makes a huge impact on the rest of your life.  

One way we put what we learned into action was by deciding to sponsor 2 children in war-torn, aids infected countries.  This would be somewhat similar to what these brave people in the story were trying to accomplish.  Of course ours is in a safer environment but it helps to bring the real events to life to apply them to actual people now.  I believe it will make a big impact on the boys to interact regularly with children who do not have the privileges or the safety that our children take for granted.


We also want our children to be mission minded.  The simple truth is Christ did not come and die on the cross so that we can have a nice house, comfortable job and 2 cars.  Of course there is nothing wrong with those things, however I believe he has a broader purpose for prospering us.  We also have to be willing to sacrifice if necessary to be Christ to people.  In Nazi occupied lands that meant being willing to be arrested or even killed to prevent the killing of innocents.  I wonder how far we would be willing to go to help those who are unable to help themselves.  I’m asking this question of myself too!


Brinkman Adventures has many different series and the others sound just as exciting as this one!  This one is in 30 minute segments and totals a little over 2 hours.  The previous ones were over 5 hours altogether.  You can purchase these as downloads and burn them onto your own cd’s for easy listening on car trips or as a physical cd set.  I know these will definitely be on my Christmas list of gifts for the boys!  They are faith strengthening and historically accurate; how can you go wrong?


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