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Jenny/ September 29, 2018/ Family Life


I think in our world we like to think that we can truly have it all.  We can do anything and have anything we set our minds to.  But is this realistic?  As women especially, we are screamed at by the world that we should never settle, never give up our dreams.  But is this Biblical?


I’m a stay-at-home mom.  Was this my dream as a child?  Actually, no.  I really wanted to be a lawyer as I was growing up.  Do I regret that I gave up that dream?  Not in the slightest.  In fact, I don’t waste any time really thinking of it all.  My life is full and I can’t imagine having to work a very stressful job away from home 40-60 hours a week.  I’m missing out and I couldn’t be happier.


We live on one income.  Was that my dream?  Can I buy anything I want to?  Nope on both counts.  I really never imagined living on one income as a teenager or young adult.  I just assumed based on the world around me that it wasn’t possible anymore to live that way.  But we’re doing it and by the grace of God its wonderful.  Do I have a new car?  No, mine is 15 years old, but has been a tremendous blessing to us.  There’s no payment and it drives great and is dependable.  Am I missing out?  Yes, I am (on car payments, extra stress and freaking out if there’s a repair to be made) and I’m so glad I am.


This brings me to the reason I’m a stay-at-home mom on one income:  kids…We have 3, with one more on the way.  Was that my dream?  Absolutely NOT!  I didn’t want ANY kids.  But God changed my heart and mind.  Yes, I’m missing out on sleep, on extra cash, on me time, on quiet anything (hehe) but would I trade my hugs, my kisses, my snuggles and all that extra love for any of those things?  Not a chance!  I’m missing out, and thank God for it!


Now how about my marriage?  I’ve been married to the same imperfect man for almost 18 years now.  Guess what?  We don’t always agree and sometimes my “rights” get trampled all over.  After all, I do ALL the cooking and the dishes and the laundry. (gasp).  Is life split up equally?  No, it isn’t.  I fix breakfast, lunch and supper and then get to take a nap with the kids (praise be!) while he works.  We haven’t been through relationship after relationship trying to find the “perfect” someone because we’ve realized there is no perfect one (including ourselves).  I’m missing out (on ex’es, child support payments and divorce court) and I am so thankful!


This brings me to my last one.  My faith….Growing up, perhaps it wasn’t as center stage as it should have been.  Maybe I thought you shouldn’t take it so seriously that it actually impacted the choices you made in life.  But I’ve changed my mind (or I guess God has).  Now, there are certain things I don’t do, things I don’t wear, places I don’t go and things I say.  All because of my faith in Christ.  Am I missing out?  Yes I am.  I’m missing out on being lost, being alone and being empty.  Best decision ever….


How about you?  Are you wondering through your life, bemoaning all the dreams, things, ect… you think you’re missing out on?  Have you stopped and took a good look at what you really are missing out on?  You might find that God has kept you from the good to give you the best 🙂

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