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Jenny/ September 4, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

 I’m always on the lookout for products that will excite my reluctant reader (age 7) so when I was given the chance to review the brand new Reading Eggs workbooks (mine is 200 Essential Reading Skills for First Grade) along with the online program I was super excited!  I had heard so much good about Reading Eggs from fellow bloggers and was anxious to give it a try!


We were given a choice as to what grade level of workbook we wanted to review and I chose a 1st Grade level so it wouldn’t be too challenging for Jake and hopefully excite his curiosity and desire to learn.  Some of it was really simple for him but overall its been a really good fit!

 We started the review with a downloadable pdf workbook because these are a brand new product and they didn’t have them back from the printers yet.  We worked through about 20 pages before we got the actual workbook in the mail.  I have to admit, I love these partly because they are so bright and colorful and have such fun pictures in them 🙂  I know, I’m weird!


In the beginning of the book is a review period, which is great for after summer break or to identify any learning gaps.  I should note, we are using this in our homeschool reading program but it would definitely be an asset to your child regardless of their school type.  The pages go along with the online program also, so if you have a tablet or computer your child can use it works out great!  If not, you can just use the workbook.  We’ve completed about 25 pages in one month so at this rate the 260+ page book could be finished in our school year.  Or if you were doing a review over the summer with your child you could complete it much faster.


Jake does like it pretty well.  It has given him good practice on reading and writing sentences along with bright pictures (which do help keep his attention).  I will mention that Gabe (4 almost 5) is crazy about the book and begs to do his brother’s work, lol.  Jake would be tickled to let him simply because he doesn’t like to write or practice reading for that matter 😉  They both really like the online program.  I’m not sure what it is about online “game type” programs but kids don’t seem to realize they are still working.  Of course they don’t have to actually write with them either, which does make it easier.  I will note, we did the placement test and it was really long which got on Jake’s nerves.




The only downside to the online program in my opinion is that it is dependent on an internet connection which in our case can be spotty at times.

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I also wanted to mention that Reading Eggs now has a math program called Mathseeds.  They have workbooks to go along with this also!


I hope you’ll check out the other reviews at the link below!  I’m really pleased with this workbook and will continue to use it.





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